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Blades Tale
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Blades Tale

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Blades Tale is a FREE MMORPG, set in an eastern Wuxia fantasy world, with unique Wuxia battles and stunning visuals powered by Unity engine, you can become a true master of martial arts! Grab your friends and start your journey in this eastern Wuxia fantasy world!


【Exclusive Rewards, Unique Guardians】
-Rewards for players at all levels, among them, the Guardians is a big addition to the game! Its mighty posture and superior strength towers among the existing mounts. Players now have a chance to get it for free!

【The 7-Day Dating System】
-The 7-day dating system has arrived! Configure your dating settings, get matched with people around your area. The system includes; chatting, kiting lanterns, summoning pets, and enjoy a sweet leisurely love life in different romantic sceneries.

【Unleash All Classes】
-Swap classes instantly! Equip; Sword, Fist, Bow, and Parasol, four weapons at your will. Every detail is designed flawlessly, with customizable skills and one exclusive ultimate, enjoy a never before seen hand to hand combat experience.

【Customize your Wings】
-With the new Wing system, players will have more options for character progression. In addition the Wing transmogrify can be adjusted to your own desired style.

【Free Trading, Earn Your First Bucket of Gold】
-A wealthy life awaits you! The game offers a Free Trading System for players, allowing the extra equipment on hand to be converted into your first bucket of gold!
Be sure to match with your friends in the game. Gather your teammates, buff them up and jump into action!

【Story Background】
-The story revolves around Duan Huiyin and Yan ShiSi, while different alliances are at total war. As the main storyline proceeds the two childhood sweethearts, Duan Huiyin and Yan ShiSi eventually turned against each other.
Regrettably, the evil spirits used the two to collect and activate the power of the “Godstone” eventually shrouding the world with darkness.
To ensure Yan ShiSi awakens from his own madness, Duan Huiyin burned her own soul, stealing the power from the gods, returning to the past, and hoping to alter her tragic fate.
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-Bug fixed

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When was this game updated?icon

Blades Tale is updated at 2019-10-30.

what's new in the latest version of Blades Tale?icon

-Bug fixed

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Blades Tale is 9Splay.

Can I play Blades Tale on Android/iOS?icon

No. But you can pre-register Blades Tale on TapTap.

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