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Cavalry Girls
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Cavalry Girls

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Jade was originally a featureless mineral. Until it was discovered that certain people could interact with it and use its energy. Skilled craftsmen manipulate it into complex devices, then the bionic machine revolution arrived quickly along with wars…
In this refreshing and exciting shooter game, you’ll lead the brave girls against the enemy with their Mecha to protect the city behind you. Will you be able to manage your resources and soldiers to survive in the increasingly hostile battlefield with limited supplies?

Game FeaturesTop-down shooter gameSimulate real shooting and experience the exciting battlefield.
A large number of equipment modules for choose, each weapon has a different impact.
Rougelike combat with dozens of enemy soldiers.
Strategic deploymentChoose your equipment and teammates, select modules to build the strongest mecha.
Gather intelligence for strategic deployment, targeting enemy characteristics to strike.
Choose between risk and safety with limited resources.
Casual partFive different characters can be recruited, choose your favorite mecha girl to accompany the battle. Decorate cozy dormitory and give gifts to girls.
New Combat SystemThe Ideology System. Made up your mind--- Rebellion, Selflessness, Radicalism, and Rationality. Your decision may influence how the storyline goes and the ending.
The Synthesis System, enabling the production of equipment through synthesis and promising more chances of victory!
The Disassembly System, disassembling enemy spoils for your own use!
Various setting and functions6 types of damage: burning, cold, paralysis, damp, high temperature, grease.
135 types of weapons, 85 types of weapon attributes, 184 types of weapon/armor accessories for you to select and form.
Horsepower mechanism and self-targeting function for better gaming experience!

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Discord: https://discord.gg/2g8fYHkCE9
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cavalrygirls/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OKJOY_IndieClub
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Cavalry Girls is updated at 2023-11-26.

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The provider of Cavalry Girls is OKJOY.

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