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Enterprise - Space Agency Simulator

Enterprise - Space Agency Simulator

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About the GameEmbark on an interplanetary journey in Enterprise - Space Agency Simulator, where you take the helm of a cutting-edge space agency.
Your mission is to explore and expand for humanity to thrive in the solar system.
This management simulation game challenges you to navigate the complexities of space exploration, with realistic orbital mechanics.

Take contracts from governments, private investors, and extraterrestrial colonies.
Construct rockets using technologies that are available to you.
Plan missions that can take decades to complete.
Develop space exploration technologies: engines, communications, mining, and many more.
Deal with unexpected events that will happen during your missions.
Face the mysteries that may occur during your quest of solar system exploration.
Decide whom to help, and live with the consequences that can decide the fate of humanity.Move cargo in spaceTransporting cargo in space! It can be a challenging job, but with careful planning, you can succeed. You'll need to think about things like distance, mission time, fuel consumption, cargo weight, as well as potential hazards along the way. It's important to plan for the long term and take into account all the variables involved. This includes things like the spacecraft's trajectory and the efficiency of available propulsion systems. It's also important to properly adjust everything for the cargo to transport it safely across the emptiness. All in all, planning a successful cargo mission in space requires a detailed and thoughtful approach, but the rewards can be out of this world!Push limits of rocket scienceIt is imperative to invest in cutting-edge technologies to expand your horizons and venture into uncharted territories in space. This kind of investment can revolutionize the way you travel, acquire resources, and undertake missions. You will develop advanced engines, sturdy cargo hulls, and even innovative methods to acquire materials from the vastness of the solar system. With these breakthrough advancements, your rockets will achieve unparalleled capabilities, allowing you to explore further and further in outer space.Deal with unexpected issuesEmbarking on a space mission can be a highly complex undertaking, and even the most carefully crafted plans may not always account for the unpredictable nature of outer space. Despite your best efforts, unexpected challenges may arise and critical decisions will need to be made. These decisions can mean the difference between success and failure and have the potential to turn your multimillion-dollar contract into nothing more than space debris. Ensuring success in such a high-stakes environment requires careful consideration of every possible scenario and a willingness to account for even tiny mistakes in your strategy to thrive in the solar system.Face the unknown of the voidAs you embark on your journey spanning several decades, you will inevitably come to the realization that the vast emptiness of the void is not as desolate as you once believed. In fact, the void is teeming with innumerable hidden wonders that await your discovery as you venture deeper into it. You can either confront them with a brave face or ignore them until they will face you.
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Enterprise - Space Agency Simulator is updated at 2024-01-02.

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The provider of Enterprise - Space Agency Simulator is 0! Crunch Entertainment.

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