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Fishing Online

Fishing Online

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Fishing Online is a game that embodies the online world of Fishing where you live an outdoor life. This game is still under development and will be continuously developed and added. Currently it includes 4 characters, 6 maps consisting of night and day, more than 50 kinds of fish, cooking and gathering functions.

Features of the gameCartoon-like graphicsThe natural world where you can enjoy running outdoors is realized through a light and bright graphics. The fish that the user will be collecting also applied a toony format to reveal the fish's characteristics well, but try not to give off a gross feeling.Freshwater fishingThe current implementation of fishing is limited to freshwater fishing. It provides an environment where you can catch and raise a variety of fish that only live in rivers and lakes and popular fish as ornamental fish. As this game grows, it will develop into reel fishing, fishing in the sea, fishing on the boat in the near future.Battle We're describing the struggle with the fish as a battle. When the battle begins, a fish avatar will appear on the screen to engage the player in a power-fighting battle. Combat is simple but action-packed, allowing you to experience action in a variety of patterns for 30 seconds or more.Cooking and gathering The caught fish can be raised in the pond or cooked. The function of observing fish in the pond will be completed and introduced soon. Cooking is made by adding various fish and seasonings, and some ingredients must be obtained through gathering. These cooked foods serve as buffs to help you to fish.Online featureHealing in beautiful nature, fighting fish, various fish collections, gathering and cooking are all realized in the outdoor metaverse world. And the online feature allows you to meet and make friends with a variety of players. And you can manage and share your own fishing records.

In development
Awesome pond building system: You can raise and observe various fish and ornamental fish.
Fishing competition system: Fishing online is not a single game that play alone. You can participate in the fishing contest and receive prizes according to the ranking.
Fish Encyclopedia: You can check the fish you have caught and check your records and rankings.
Unique maps around the world: We are preparing a variety of things to capture nature around the world on the fishing spot map.
Fishing World Expansion: We plan to prepare content to expand the fishing world to the sea at a later date.
Content expansion: We are a small indie development company. Each and every idea you request and deliver will be appreciated and applied to the game.
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Fishing Online is updated at 2024-02-07.

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The provider of Fishing Online is Braves.

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