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HeartLink features smooth, responsive controls that will pump you full of adrenaline and keep you glued to your monitor. Dodge and weave through complex bullet patterns while returning fire and charging up your ultimate ability, then unleash your counterattack. And try to look cool while you're at it, if you can.

Save the galaxy to a rocking soundtrack of the very best music the Synthwave genre has to offer, including Pertrubator, Megadrive, Volkor X, Nightstop, and many, many more. Fans of the Hotline Miami series soundtrack, look no further.

Five distinct mechs, each with their own distinct playstyle that will keep you coming back for more. Level layouts and dialogue options change depending on who you choose to play as. And that's not including the powerups, buffs, and upgrades that are planned for future releases.

The Hydra galaxy is under attack by the mighty Omni Empire, a legion of unstoppable robotic killing machines. The galaxy's last resort: a newly assembled team of five misfits piloting the titular HeartLinks, bleeding-edge mechs that grow in power based on the user's strength of character. Will you guide them to victory? Or will you be their galaxy's undoing?
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Serrated Studios
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HeartLink is updated at 2023-05-03.

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The provider of HeartLink is Serrated Studios.

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