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Heaven Burns Red is a story-driven role-playing game co-developed by Wright Flyer Studios and Visual Arts / Key. This title is Jun Maeda’s first completely new game in 15 years. As a narrative-centric RPG, Heaven Burns Red uses a timeline narrative design to advance the story, breaking new ground in the RPG genre by offering an engaging and evolving storyline driven by player choices. Players will experience fierce battles through the eyes of Ruka Kayamori as well as the value of each day in the deeply immersive world of Heaven Burns Red.
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What’s happening

From the creator of Clannad! Heaven Burns Red – English version announced!
Yostar will release an English vesrion of Key and WFS-developed free-to-play story-driven RPG Heaven Burns Red, the publisher announced. Heaven Burns Red first launched for iOS and Android on February 10, 2022 in Japan, followed by PC via Steam on August 10, 2022.
TapTap Editor2K2024-07-05
Not gonna lie,i cry watching all Maeda sensei works
Neko Senpai42024-07-11
About heaven burn red global release
Hey, I want to talk about heaven burn red from key that will be published by yostar for global version. I play heaven burn red in JP version since 2023. It is really story heavy game, so if you are planning to play this game, you might be better to like story based/visual novel game. I will talk about my experience when I played this game in 2023 and come back again this month in 2024. If you like story, you will really love this game. This game will really play with your emotion and make you weep at the end of every scenario(sometime). The gameplay of this game is turn based rpg with every character have their role. Every character have their usage, they can learn many skill and they have many style(you pull for them). The combat system is really interesting, but at later time if you have gain many style with their specific role, it will be a game of rock paper scissor and playing with buff and debuff to get maximum damage output. This game has shield system(DP), every character have it and enemies too. You need to break this shield before dealing damage to HP. Also if you play HSR, it has a similar system in term of using skill.


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Heaven Burns Red is updated at 2024-07-05.

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The provider of Heaven Burns Red is News aggregation.

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No. But you can pre-register Heaven Burns Red on TapTap.

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