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It's Only Money

It's Only Money

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It's Only Money: Founders Edition
Show your day one support for the liberation of Rockhaven with the It's Only Money: Founders Edition!
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About the GameIt's Only Money is a 3rd person open world simulation game where you take the role of an Undercity resident – someone who's been forced to live amongst the sewers and subways by the newly elected evil Mayor.

Along with other Undercity residents, you will venture to the surface to steal, fight and destroy. Take down corporations owned by the Mayor’s corrupt cohorts. Win back the city for everyone, block by block. Buy houses, businesses, clothes, cars and whatever else your materialistic heart desires. Play alone or bring up to three friends to share in the chaos.

Rockhaven is your playground. Travel around the city and discover new shops, houses, activities and missions to complete. Use items and abilities to exploit the open world to your liking: pickpocket the rich, lockpick cars and steal their contents, or hotwire them and take a joyride. Get into fights with the local police department, or simply tour the city and enjoy the fine dining at a Mayor Mart. Whatever.

Be the low-life, live the high life.

As you steal enough money from the wealthy scumbags who stole it from you, use it to purchase homes and businesses. When you buy houses, you can move people back out of the Undercity and back to their rightful place on the surface. Decorate their living quarters to their liking, and the new tenants will provide gameplay buffs and items to help the cause.

Managing a business will provide a steady stream of income, and open up new gameplay possibilities. You know, like running a snail racing emporium. Your best slimes outrun the salt and make you rich. Well, less poor at least.

It's Only Money can be played with 3 other friends (or randoms). Steal together, fight together, complete missions together or just hang out in a club and gamble. If you're feeling competitive, why not engage in various PvP microgames, such as Prop Hunt, where you disguise yourself as couches, fence posts, garbage cans or whatever you can find in the street. Think of it as hide and seek for your inner shapeshifter.

It’s a sandbox of low-life fun with a purpose – revenge and retrieval. Punish the Mayor, steal back Rockhaven. Just make sure you enjoy the ride.
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Usual Suspects Studios
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When was this game updated?icon

It's Only Money is updated at 2024-02-16.

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The provider of It's Only Money is Usual Suspects Studios.

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