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Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE-

Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE- JP

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Initial release Aug 07, 2017
▼ Easy character makeup ▼ More than 30 types of “Narikiri Voices” by gorgeous voice actors Hairstyles, eyes, mouths, eyebrows—9 customizations! Five "professionals" that can be changed at any time. If you equip the armor you have obtained, you can make a fulfilling character that changes your appearance! Customize your avatar freely and enjoy the world of "Mitrasphere" with your own character! ▼Collaboration battle▼ Up to 5 people can freely participate in the battle "Invasion battle" Easy operation just by selecting a weapon. If you challenge with friends, the strategy is infinite!・Roles divided by occupation ・Combination of command skills ・Battle situation that changes depending on the front row and back row Let's challenge the battle with a strong enemy with a breathtaking fighting style! ▼Communication▼ ​​"Narikiri Chat" that combines voice and fixed phrases! Greet with your favorite voice, liven up the heated battle, and have fun with simple reactions! In addition, emotions and text chat that avatars are surprised and laughed are also possible. A new experience of communication where you can hear your voice in the game! Let's enjoy interacting with friends according to the situation and taste! ▼An adventure story around a nostalgic world▼ A world where the sky is covered with a huge sea--"Mitra Sphere" The secrets of the world and your destiny intersect around the gold crystal "Mitra" that pours down from the sky... The story progresses. A world drawn with beautiful 2D graphics that spreads as you go. Unraveling the mysteries of the world. Interaction and adventure with charming friends-Enjoy a somewhat nostalgic story drawn with voices by gorgeous voice actors. ▼ Gorgeous voice actors who color the story ▼ * In no particular order, titles omitted Rie Kugimiya / Yoshimasa Hosoya / Marika Takano Yukari Tamura / Natsumi Hioka / Taku Yashiro Hidenori Takahashi / Mariko Honda / Yumiri Akina Hanamori / Shuta Morishima / Manami Uchida Ma / Inori Minase / Aimi Tanaka Natsuki Hanae / Nozomi Aochi / Riho Iida Junya Enoki / Hiroyuki Hanakura / Ayano Kamoike Yuuki Kuwabara / Chiharu Sawashiro / Shunsuke Takeuchi Masako Nozawa / Nanako Mori / Yuki Wakai Yusuke Kobayashi / Rie Murakawa / Maaya Uchida Yoshio Yamatani / Tomokazu Sugita / Takashi Nakao Hisako Kanemoto / Aya Uchida / Tsubasa Yonaga Yuko Goto / Asami Shimoda and others ▼ Download now for free ▼ No need for troublesome registration or difficult operations! Easy experience of real-time command RPG with free download! Royal road fantasy RPG "Mitrasphere" Events and campaigns are being held from time to time-free download now! New avatar parts and weapons are also appearing in the game one after another! Through battle and chat, find new friends in real time and go on an adventure! Continue to enjoy "Re: Action Narikiri RPG" Mitrasphere! [Supported devices] Android 5.0 or later *Some devices may not work even if the above conditions are met.
What’s new

[v3.22.1] Update Contents =================================== ・ Advanced auxiliary equipment is fixed combat Fixed bugs reflected in force ====================================

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Bank of Innovation, Inc.
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What is the latest version of Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE-? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE- is 3.20.1, updated at 2022-10-17.

what's new in the latest version of Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE-?icon

[v3.22.1] Update Contents =================================== ・ Advanced auxiliary equipment is fixed combat Fixed bugs reflected in force ====================================

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE- is Bank of Innovation.

Can I play Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE- on Android/iOS?icon

Now Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE- is available on Android and iOS.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

Mitrasphere -MITRASPHERE- supports 1 languages including Japanese etc.

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