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Monster Hide

Monster Hide

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-"Hunt" mode

You will be either in the skin of a monster or in the skin of a human. The monster will have to, with the help of its various abilities, eliminate the humans while the humans will have to eliminate the monster or survive until the time is up with their weapons (assault rifle, ...) and tools chosen at the beginning of the game.

-"PVP" mode

Players will compete on a map. Weapons and ammunition will be available and players will have to pick them up to take advantage against the opposing player and random events can be trigger.
You can found multiple mode in a gamemode like in Pvp you have Team death match, The last standing and TeamBattle also in hunt mode you have 2 mode HuntKiller and HuntDouble.

-"Wave" mode

Players must battle waves of zombies solo or with friends.
As players progress through the game, waves of zombies become increasingly difficult to defeat, requiring players to have more powerful weapons and traps to counter them. Players can earn points by defeating zombies, which can then be used to purchase more advanced equipment, weapons, and traps.

You will have the opportunity to customize your character and your weapons using money earned and the opportunity to progress to level up.

My server Discord : https://discord.gg/8azwtFANrM
I share me progress, i also take the time to discuss with you, to listen to your ideas, suggestions and you can report bugs there.
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Monster Hide is updated at 2023-11-19.

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The provider of Monster Hide is TheLittlesGames.

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