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Welcome to Mukke City! Experience the crazy 80s in a city fueled by music. Get to know the sounds and people of Mukke City as you settle into life in your new hometown, an ever-changing haven for creatives. Leave your mark in the city’s history books by advancing its musical landscape and contributing to the rise of radio culture. What are you waiting for? Find your groove and produce music that makes you feel MUKKE!

At the heart of MUKKE is the detailed music creation system. Combine and play different sounds from various instruments and sound effects to playfully create a variety of unique songs and soundscapes or recreate your favourite melodies and rhythms.

Drag instruments onto your turntable loop machine and edit your played notes, tempo and rhythms, or use convenient templates to create your tunes even more fluidly, all at the same time.

Rock the stage with new friends, share your music with the whole world, unlock new instruments and tools you want to use, or chat and raise your glass with your new found family!

MUKKE offers a unique gaming experience, that embraces creativity and playfulness!

create your own music by combining different sounds on your vinyl recordunlock new instruments and music tools that change the way you playrecord your music and share it with the worldcustomize your vinyl record, a.k.a. loop machine, to embrace the look and feel that suits your musicinteract with a diverse cast of people and uncover their part in the journey that awaitsexplore different locations in West-Berlin inspired Mukke Cityexperience an adventurous journey through a city's musical revolution
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APETENSE Interactive
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MUKKE is updated at 2023-09-25.

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The provider of MUKKE is APETENSE Interactive.

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