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Noseka: The Gold Project

Noseka: The Gold Project

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Auria, the God of Avarice, took power over the city of Lemia after imprisoning the Goddess of Light.
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About the Game"Noseka: The Gold Project" is a 2D pixel-art metroidvania game set in a dark fantasy universe.

The game offers players a choice between allegiance to the Gods of Light and Shadow or the gods of Corruption and Gold!

But be careful!
Decisions made in the game affect your progression by changing the available paths and abilities.

The game's key art creates a unique experience for gamers with no run being the same as others, this duality encourages players to explore both paths.

Auria, the God of Avarice, took power over the city of Lemia after imprisoning the Goddess of Light. Kali, a fighter who lost everything at the hands of the gods, sets out for the city to verify the rumors surrounding this new god who corrupts and subjugates humans in exchange for wealth.

Explore the City of Gold and its cathedral, confront the creatures of shadow and gold, pledge allegiance to the god of your choice to embody their power, or detach yourself from the gods and suffer their wrath. Again

Game features
Meticulously crafted pixel art
2 Unique persistent worlds that evolve according to your chosen allegiance to the gods (The Path of Gold or The Path of Light)
A skill tree with over 50 abilities!
7 memorable bosses
Over 25 totally unique monsters with innovative gameplay surrounding each monster.
Easy-to-play, hard-to-master controls.
Smooth, pleasant platforming.
Fast, dynamic gameplay.
Pixel-perfect combat, subtle and accessible.
Several possible endings.
An original, epic soundtrack by Sarys and Xavier Dang (MisterMV), which evolves according to your allegiance.
An original storyline scattered around the world: find all the steles in the game to understand the history and mysteries surrounding the gods (optional storyline).
A non-linear map: discover the world as you please

Backstory: The world of Noreya
In time immemorial, seven deities joined forces to shape the land we know today as Noreya.
Such was the power of the Seven that Men, as a sign of respect but also out of fear, began to worship them. Some sinners, however, strayed from the path, bringing out the most maliciously treacherous parts of themselves. From this malice came new deities, gaining their powers from the servitude of their subjects.

In the lands of Lemia, home of the primordial Goddess of Light, an endless famine persisted. The poor inhabitants' desire for wealth benefited the God of Avarice, who in turn promised an end to their misery. The god everyone now calls the "God of Gold" transformed all his followers into shapeless, tormented creatures: the golden shadows. Lemia, once so luminous, now gives way to unhealthy greed.

Duality: Pledge allegiance and receive the power of the gods!
With a skill tree containing over 50 skills, you can evolve according to your allegiance to the Goddess of Light or the God of Gold.

You can also play double duty, but in this case you won't have access to the most powerful spells. It's up to you to find the best balance for your style of play.

A world for every god.
No more metroidvania with a single map to discover.
In the world of Noreya, the world changes according to your allegiance.

Are you familiar with the Golden World and have now decided to worship the Light? Get ready for a whole new experience, forge ahead as you discover which areas have changed and discover which parts of the game are no longer accessible! However, in turn get ready to explore other new adventures that now await the servant of the Light!

Each version of the world conceals secrets and exclusive bonuses. Can you find the artifacts hidden in the depths of the world? Only time will tell!

The soundtrack

Signed by the incredible duo Sarys / MisterMV, enjoy an original soundtrack that will accompany you throughout your adventure.
Switch allegiance, and the music will change and evolve with you.

A game for arachnophobes:
Initially, we had planned to include spiders in the game, but we realized that many players are arachnophobic.
WIth this in mind, we worked on coming up with an alternative that works and retains the feel of the underground environments.

But who knows, maybe one day the spiders of Noreya will be released. But that's a tale for another time.

Read more on our dev blog:
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From the Dev

Noreya: The Gold Project | Dark Fantasy-themed metroidvania game, pre-register on Steam
Noreya: The Gold Project | Dark Fantasy-themed metroidvania game, pre-register on Steam
Noreya: The Gold Project , an original narrative-driven galactic metroidvania game, has officially opened pre-orders on Steam. This is a 2D pixel art-style galactic metroidvania game, and its most significant feature lies in the deep integration of its storyline and mechanics. Players can experience two different main storylines, "The Path of Gold" or "The Path of Light," based on their choices. Depending on their choices, players will pledge allegiance to different deities and oppose the deities of the other side. Whether it's destruction or salvation, this is the core selling point of the dark fantasy-themed story.


When was this game updated?icon

Noseka: The Gold Project is updated at 2024-01-11.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Noseka: The Gold Project is Dreamirl.

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