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Söldner: Secret Wars Remastered

Söldner: Secret Wars Remastered

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About the GameSöldner is the remastered version of the multiplayer online game Söldner Secret Wars (aka Semper Fidelis: Marine Corps).

Enjoy third-person combat, make use of a fully destructible environment. Customize your character and start fighting on the huge world map (6500*3500 km) after selecting your gear from 100+ firearms.

Get into battle the way you want! Employ the 120+ vehicles, be it wheeled or tracked, rotary or fixed wing, VTOLs, ships or submarines to make your team gain victory.ADS – Advanced Destruction System

Deploy true to life tactics!

Tear down walls or smash complete houses. The possibilities are endless! With the Advanced Destruction System (ADS) you can deploy an endless combination of true to life tactics. Mow down complete forests in order to smoke out enemy positions. Turn the enemy base into rubble and devastate their morale. Keep your opposition on the run, denying them places to hide and rest, thus creating new ones in the process. With the Advanced Destruction System, the only limit is your fantasy! – or, well Ammo that is.

Enjoy a dynamic world, synchronized in Multiplayer Games, featuring total foliage destruction and terraforming. The choice what to obliterate is always yours.SMP – Söldner Multiplayer System
The Söldner Multiplayer System lets you set up your server the way you enjoy it best. Choose time, weather and location of the battle and select your game mode of choice. Roam Söldner’s huge landscape, exploring the urban and rural areas of the tempered biome. Want to take a detour to surprise the enemy from behind? Sure! Just don’t get lost, there is no border which will get you killed if you cross it.
Deathmatch, Conquest, Super Conquest, Frontline, Capture the Flag or if that is too boring for you, Capture the Vehicle. Your game, your rules!SWS - Soldier Weapon System

Söldner offers a wide range of different weapon choices. This is called the Soldier Weapon System (SWS). Choose your loadout from a selection of more than 100 highly realistic modelled weapons, ranging from pistols to various rifles to grenade launchers and multiple-rocket launcher. Make yourself a scout, medic, engineer or support your troops with a laser designator. Enjoy the absence of predefined player classes and be fully in charge of your favourite kit and adapt quickly to any situation on the battlefield!SVS – Soldier Vehicle System

Different situations - different needs! No worries - we got your back with a huge variety of vehicles for various operational roles. The selection includes more than 120 types of squad vehicles from quads to tanks to helicopters, ships and even submarines.UCS - Unit customization System

Söldner allows you to customize your character. Making you look cool without being limited to readymade full body skins. Choose from a wide variety of items. We’ve got you covered from head to heel!
Choose from more than 100 clothing, styles of camo and dozens of logos. Make your Söldner look as individual as you are.AGS - Advanced Gesture System

Söldner’s selection of gestures is astounding. In Söldner you communicate using the AGS – Advanced Gesture System. This contains many useful, but also many (very) playful gestures and radio calls.
AGS features over 200 gestures, so start taunting right away!SCM - Söldner Commander Mode

Get elected as your team’s commander, manage your team from a satellite perspective, be in charge of your team’s budget and handle equipment requests. This lets you increase your team’s efficiency by a huge margin, as you provide team members with targets, using their different loadout in the best way to further your team’s cause. Call in airstrikes and provide bigger guns to your team, be their eye – make them your fist!From the community for the community
Söldner is being developed by a motivated team of players who have been with the game from the very start. They’ve carefully invested hour after hour to make the best of Söldner Secret Wars even better, also providing a ranking where you can track your statistics.

Have fun with this completely remastered version of 2004’s hype game.
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When was this game updated?icon

Söldner: Secret Wars Remastered is updated at 2023-05-12.

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The provider of Söldner: Secret Wars Remastered is Pixelcloud Games.

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