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About the GameStarkeepers is a hero-based action combat and base building multiplayer. Descend into the world as an Astral, embody different heroes and learn their skills. Venture into mythological epics and chart your own path, whether it's taking a righteous stand against cosmic threats, or secretly aligning yourself with different faction powers to influence the course of past history. The choice is yours!EMBODY THE HERO OF YOUR CHOICE

Embody different ancient warriors and learn their combat skills from star relics. Personalize them with unique attributes, and equip them with occult weapons crafted from gathered materials, or goodies picked off of bested enemies. BUILD THE FORTRESS OF YOUR DREAMS

As a clan, strategize and custom build your very own Starkeep, then arm it to the teeth. Lay out a labyrinth of bulwarks, mounted guns, turrets, and traps to safeguard your territorial sovereignty. Establish senate halls for voting, treasuries to control taxation, and stables for mount-sharing. BATTLE ALONGSIDE FRIENDS

From settling a scuffle with a duel, to an unforeseen clash on a dungeon run, to an all out brawl in a Starkeep siege, resorting to violence is always an option. Double jumps, omni-directional sprinting, ground rolls, and blocking mechanics, all come as standard. Unleash a well-timed combo, and dispatch your rival with spectacular finishing moves. RULE WITH PRIDE

Strategize with your clan and lay out your plans for dominance in the world of Starkeepers. Will you be a merciful leader or will you keep a tight grip on your populous? Establish the rules and hierarchy to achieve not just your own success, but the success of your clan that depends on you.MAKE YOUR MARK IN AN EVOLVING WORLD

Actions have consequences. Both individual and group decisions influence how the narrative unfolds every season. A dynamic questing system brings back the element of surprise. Set out on common objectives, discover the hidden roads less traveled, or go rogue and dive into the deep end, you chart your own story epic. THANK YOU
Thank you for checking out Starkeepers! If you are interested in our game then we would love for you to join our Discord community and say hello. You can find other excited players as well as some of our development team there. Either click our Discord banner at the top of the page or follow the link below:

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Wolfpack Games
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Starkeepers is updated at 2023-06-05.

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The provider of Starkeepers is Wolfpack Games.

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