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Steel Executor

Steel Executor

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Those who put you in the grave will all ponder, staring inside the hollow metal barrel of your gun: will you cling onto the remains of your humanity, or will you embrace your new identity?

Become the Steel Executor, find those who have taken everything from you... and take everything from them!

Common Vatniks and tweakers tap out fast and easy, but Armored Enemies require a different approach - preferably one involving a higher caliber, or at least a blunt object to knock'em out for an easy Execution.

The ban on AI and robotics R&D got lifted, just as the first bodyguard-bot series got announced... marketing promises "cutting edge enterprise-level personal protection" and "coordinated intruder removal system".

Keep away from jacked up Cyborgs and Technolegionnaires. They've left the realm of humanity long ago, and will resist far more lead and thrashing than any living thing should.

Become the perfect killer machine... but YOU define perfection!

Become a silent ghost of vengeance, hack and slash your way in melee through unsuspecting targets...
...or pick up the biggest, loudest guns you can find and make your intentions crystal clear!

Combine the best of both worlds with Freeform Dual Wielding - mow down enemies at range with a gun, and cut down those who step too close with a blade.

With an arsenal of weapons ranging from plain crowbars to Plasma Halberds and Rocket Lances, from makeshift pistols to silenced sniper and burst-fire rifles...
...There isn't a wrong way to play, as long as you keep going!

Uncover the conspiracy behind your death and Kill or Spare key characters, influencing the Story Mode gameplay and ending.
Your choices carry short- and long-term consequences, which may not be revealed immediately... choose wisely!

Infiltrate the overpopulated techno dystopia of Megapolis-Australia - a surviving continent merged by a series of revolutionary electromagnetic highways, and one of the last enclaves of human civilization in a world ravaged by irreversible consequences of a total global conflict.

Hack into doors, generators, trip mines, and other appliances to gain a situational tactical advantage... but keep in mind, Firewall tech has gotten far more deadly and sophisticated in the last decade. If you die in the Internet 2.0... you die in real life!

FAST-PACED volatile top-down shooter inspired by genre classics
MASTER a multitude of weapons ranging from plain crowbars and pistols to plasma halberds and rocket launchers
UPGRADE your robotic body with combat-enhancing mods favoring different playstyles
INFILTRATE a techno-dystopian megacity and get your bloody revenge on mobsters, corpos, and more
HACK into doors, power generators, trip mines, and other appliances to gain a tactical advantage
KILL or spare key characters to influence the gameplay, story, and its ending
EXPLORE the possibilities with starting weapon combinations and gameplay modifiers in Arcade Mode
SURVIVE waves of enemies in the Bloodiatorium
POST-APOCALYPTIC original cyberpunk setting with unique factions, locations, and political intrigue
ORIGINAL techno soundtrack
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Pax Tyrannica Games
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When was this game updated?icon

Steel Executor is updated at 2024-02-06.

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The provider of Steel Executor is Pax Tyrannica Games.

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