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Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets

icon 8.8
Available on iconiconicon
Initial release Nov 26, 2021
Build a team of cute pets with unique abilities.
Battle against other players.
Everything is at your own pace in this chill free-to-play auto battler.

- Arena mode
Chill asynchronous multiplayer without timers.
Can you get 10 wins before losing all your hearts?

- Versus mode
Intense synchronous game with 8 players and quick decision making.
Can you be the last team standing before another team knocks you out?

- Standard packs
For players who want to start playing quickly. Packs contain the pets that are available during gameplay. Standard packs are pre-built for everyone and offer a fair competition.

- Custom packs
For fans of deck building. All pets can be mixed and matched to create satisfying combos. More expansions offer even more possibilities.

- Weekly packs
For fans of variety. Weekly packs are generated every Monday and contain a completely random set of pets for everyone to play.
What’s new

- Fixed broken IAP.

Additional information
Team Wood Games
Current Version
103 MB
Last Updated on
Content Rating
out of 10

From the Dev

Just Because the Game Plays Itself Doesn’t Mean It’s Simple - Super Auto Pets Review
Just Because the Game Plays Itself Doesn’t Mean It’s Simple - Super Auto Pets Review
The initial reaction most people have when they hear about the auto battler genre for the first time can be described similarly to the initial reaction most people have when they hear about the visual novel genre for the first time: “So what, it just plays itself? What’s the point?” In most ways, these two gameplay styles exist at polar opposites of the video game spectrum, but they share that quality of being easy to misunderstand for someone who has never played one.
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• Chimerland | @SubZero This game reminds me of ARK, a game filled with tons of fantastical creatures, even you can choose from a wide variety of creatures other than humans when creating your own character. This game is very flexible, and I can get a nice game experience without spending any money. The main gameplay is to build a home and tame various creatures. The world in the game is very large and you can choose your birthplace and keep exploring the world. By upgrading your skills and equipment, you will have the opportunity to tame advanced creatures, some of which have even survived for hundreds of years.

What’s happening

Spooky Neighbor, 80's Arcade Action, And The Cat's Meow | TapTap Explored #3
The latest episode of TapTap Explored is out! This week we have not only one, but two games that our editors gave a perfect five out of five rating! So let’s check them out! Narration By: @JB Chapters 00:00 - Intro 00:19 - Cats in Time 00:56 - Dadish 3 01:34 - The Way Home 02:20 - Hello Neighbor: Diaries 03:07 - Exiled Kingdoms RPG 03:57 - Huntdown 04:45 - Super Auto Pets More TapTap Explored
TapTap Editor32K2022-07-12
This game is one you must try out, it is fun, strategic, and has cute and simple graphics. If your looking to get into strategy games, I recommend to give this one a chance. Hope you guys have fun!
Auto Win
Score 9/10 To not miss any future mobile reviews subscribe to my YouTube Channel Full Review: Personal Playtime: 4.5 hours Super Auto Pets is my first stint foray into the auto battle genre on mobile. I got quite lucky choosing one of the best in the bunch. There are tons of possible build combinations and leveraging your lives as you strategically choose to lose certain rounds is something that very few can emulate. I found myself trying run after run as I even chose pets that were outside of my comfort zone just to see if I could make them work. The game does a good job at allowing you to go right into the next attempt after you fail. There are different pet packs which add more characters that you can choose from but these are completely optional and you will not have to compete against them. The game's longevity can be found in your attempt to collect all of the unlockables which are obtained through how well you perform before your team is finally knocked out. I cannot recommend this game enough if you are completely new to the auto battler genre as the vast majority of the characters and their skills are easy to understand and utilize.
Gaming In The Moment212023-05-07


What is the latest version of Super Auto Pets? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Super Auto Pets is 102, updated at 2023-06-21.

what's new in the latest version of Super Auto Pets?icon

- Fixed broken IAP.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Super Auto Pets is Team Wood Games.

Can I play Super Auto Pets on Android/iOS?icon

Now Super Auto Pets is available on Android and iOS.

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