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icon 10.0
Wildfrost Set to Release on April 11th for Android and iOS
Available on iconicon
Initial release Mar 26, 2024
Feature List

Build your perfect deck unique to you!
Recruit cute card companions, elemental items and equip powerful charms to aid in your fight against the Wildfrost
Choose your Leader from a variety of tribes, each with different playstyles and stats
Master a dynamic ‘counter’ system to put your strategic skills to the test
Expand and develop the hub town of Snowdwell between runs
Unlock new cards, events, customisation options and more!
Endless replayability with daily runs and challenges!
About the Game

The sun has frozen over... The world has succumbed to the Wildfrost. Now only Snowdwell and its survivors stand as the last bastion against an eternal winter... Build up a deck of powerful card companions and elemental items, as you battle to banish the frost once and for all!

Perfect your card battling and deck-building skills, and set out on a quest to bring an end to The Wildfrost! Begin each journey with your chosen tribe Leader, each gifted with different randomised skills and stats, before mapping out your chosen path into the unforgiving frosty landscape.

Rescue and recruit frozen companions you find along the way, unearth lost treasures, and spend your hard-earned blings with travelling merchants. The decisions you make and routes you take during each run will help craft a powerful deck, unique to you each time you play.

Collect a huge array of cute, but mighty card companions, as well as handy items and clunker cards to aid you in battle. Experiment with different elemental card combinations to find your winning formula.

Your companion cards aren’t just disposable minions for dealing out damage; upgrade and customise your favourites by adding wobbly charms to enhance their powers, making your deck a powerful (and adorable) force to be reckoned with!

Plan ahead with the help of a dynamic counter system to map out your next move and fend off frosty foes. While Wildfrost battles are turn-based, cards don’t attack every turn. Instead they have a ‘counter’ which counts down the amount of turns until they’re ready to automatically make their move!

By keeping an eye on enemy monsters’ counters, you can plot ahead your perfect play. Buff your companions? Stall an enemy attack? Or maybe count down your own timer to wreak havoc fast! It’s up to you to strategically turn the tide in your favour.

Need a rest? Take shelter in the cosy town of Snowdwell. Here survivors have gathered to keep warm using the power of the Luminice, a giant shard of hot ice.

As you progress after each run you’ll be able to return and gradually help expand the hub town itself, constructing buildings such as a Pet Shop, Inventors Hut and more! These new areas will unlock fun and useful new things to use during your adventures, with new cards, tribes, cosmetics, challenges to complete, and events to encounter.

Think you’ve defeated the Frost Guardian? Even after you’ve beaten back the frost, Wildfrost offers endless replayability, with daily runs and challenges! Test your skills and improve your score!
What’s new

- Improved stability
- Improved homebar handling to avoid accidental minimizes
- Optimized build size
- Updated translations
- Turned off cloud saves for now to work to improve it
- Other improvements

Additional information
Deadpan Games
Last Updated on
System Requirements
No System Requirements
out of 10


When was this game updated?icon

Wildfrost is updated at 2024-05-13.

what's new in the latest version of Wildfrost?icon

- Improved stability
- Improved homebar handling to avoid accidental minimizes
- Optimized build size
- Updated translations
- Turned off cloud saves for now to work to improve it
- Other improvements

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Wildfrost is Deadpan Games.

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No. But you can pre-register Wildfrost on TapTap.

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