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Top 2.5D Games

Top 2.5D Games

Banner of Blood Lily Loop

Blood Lily Loop

Pixel GraphicsFemale ProtagonistDark HumorInteractive FictionRPGHorrorVisual NovelCasual
Your bestie seems to be hiding something. There's something about your world that seems odd as well, like it has...secrets. Dive into the time loop of this horror game and witness a "friendship" that ...
Banner of Team of Bravery

Team of Bravery

GothicPixel GraphicsTeam-BasedDarkMiningDungeon CrawlerSurvivalAction Roguelike
About this Game:For long darkness has ruled the continent of Granxel.After the great war against the ancient Dark lord Traxeon,Dark Energy shatteredand spread all across lands and seas,leaving tram...
Banner of Cell Scientist: Beyond

Cell Scientist: Beyond

FuturisticScienceFemale ProtagonistSci-fiLinearCasualTop-DownSokoban
Cell Scientists is an interactive experience deeply rooted in science, yet exciting and addictive in a positive way.It is a third person game where the battles are puzzles, there are 50 levels w...
Banner of Turmoil

Top Capitalism Games

Banner of Quadrilla


Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsRetroStylizedController3DCasualTop-Down
Quadrilla is an autoscrolling arcade game where you have to clear lines to get points and carve a path for yourself. Pick up blocks, arrange them in a line, get points. Sounds easy?Easy to grasp, hard...
Banner of LUM'S GAME


DarkStylizedPsychological HorrorFarming Sim3DPoint & ClickHorrorAdventure
LUM'S GAME is a horror life-sim adventure game about growing a garden with your family, and taking care of their strange pet named LUM. Help Mom grow a beautiful garden. Check up on Dad in the kitche....
Banner of 【正版】黑暗之刃重制版 更新日期2023.9.27

【正版】黑暗之刃重制版 更新日期2023.9.27

Game DevelopmentActionFunnyFMV3DRPG3D VisionAdventure
关于这款游戏我这游戏小心身后 会。。怪物 不经意就嘎了 提高肾上腺素,背景音乐随时变化 环绕音效 怪物呼吸声 云朵 篝火,紧迫感 压迫感 气氛感 身临其境 画面特效设置打开 体验超高清画质 别害怕 干就完了新的威胁笼罩着中央诸国,气氛阴郁。边境虽有骁勇善战的国王骑士团驻守,却早已危机四伏。兽人部落携噬人之众卷土重来,潜伏在各个角落,令人闻风丧胆。来自大草原骄傲的游牧民族正时刻保持警惕,...
Banner of The Lumenites

The Lumenites

Pixel GraphicsSide ScrollerFarming SimCreature CollectorWholesomeLGBTQ+Atmospheric2D
Embark on a mystical voyage atop a grand turtle, leading The Lumenites to uncharted floating islands. As the chosen Lumenite, cleanse lands covered in shadow, upcycle resources, and nurture lasting ti...
Banner of Puzzle Cube

Puzzle Cube

Grid-Based MovementStrategyPuzzle PlatformerController3DCasualNonlinearScore Attack
Puzzle Cube was initially developed as a game jam entry for the theme "Life in 2 Dimensions". It provides a variation on the challenge of solving the 3x3 cube, by limiting the view of the 3D cube to a...
Banner of Invasion, Tales of Tower Defense

Invasion, Tales of Tower Defense

Turn-Based TacticsTacticalIsometricAutomationArtificial IntelligenceTower DefenseSurvivalAction
Invasion, Tales of Tower Defense It's a procedurally generated Tower Defense with unlimited maps, levels, and tower upgrades. You need to gain EXP in order to unlock the different towers and weapons.
Banner of Envyus


CombatIsometricRetroAction RPGRPGCRPGPvE2D
After a travel, King Grimsam was struck by a terrible illness, leaving his two children, Princess Lianka and Prince Sephan, heirs to the throne of Sephadel, orphaned and the throne empty.On the ot...
Banner of MimiK


1980sAbstractFuturisticRetroReal Time TacticsMinimalistStylizedLocal Multiplayer
Mimik is a local multiplayer game in which players hide, seek and tag each other. In the standard game mode, one player is assigned the role of the "it" player, the rest are "not it". During matches, ...
Banner of Puppetmaster


CombatMetroidvania2D PlatformerMultiple EndingsAdventureAtmospheric2DOpen World
Discover a bright and beautiful world full of harmony and sprawling life, hidden entirely within a massive Mountain. At the far corner of the world, in a ruined castle, away from the beauty that now d...
Banner of Little Survivors

Little Survivors

CombatFemale ProtagonistCartoonComic BookAction RoguelikeActionFunnyCartoony
Help Marco and Eva dive into the pages of colorful comics to rescue animals imprisoned by the evil Glurks.Marco whistles to call for his pet dogs to charge to his aid.Eva squeezes her pet birds to ...
Banner of CrabMania


Arena ShooterLocal Multiplayer4 Player LocalFunnyControllerCasualFamily FriendlyAdventure
CrabMania is a competitive Party Game of between two and four simultaneous players.Each player controls a character and must eliminate the other competitors by throwing a unique object that appears o....
Banner of Quill


Lore-RichCombatIsometricTeam-BasedDarkDungeon CrawlerAction RoguelikeAction
Adventure as brave actors trapped in the powerful playwright's enchanted dungeon.OverviewThis fast action cooperative roguelike challenges you to act out the playwright's plays and unravel the myste.....
Banner of COME ALIVE!


CinematicPsychological HorrorFirst-PersonMemes3DPoint & Click3D VisionVisual Novel
you just wanted to hang with your crush!so how’d you end up stuck between them and your friends in your tiny dorm room watching a campy horror film?And what happens when the movie comes to life?....
Banner of Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival

Bits by bits... another bits!

Banner of Leap to the Top+

Leap to the Top+

Pixel GraphicsCombatRetroDark HumorPrecision PlatformerMinimalistPsychological Horror2D Platformer
https://store.steampowered.com/app/2652040/Umbra_Fields/You are a frog, every second. You can control your movements only while jumping, or charging a super jump. With this simplicity, it takes seco.....
Banner of Syncope


CartoonDragonsMetroidvaniaStylizedPuzzle PlatformerEmotionalVisual NovelAdventure
The main character of this adventure is Saul - the boy with the ability to wield a sword and magic. But don't rush to check it out.First, you need to learn how to control your mind: don't let the ...
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