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Banner of Slaughter: The Lost Outpost

Slaughter: The Lost Outpost

GoreCombatDark HumorMetroidvaniaActionController3D6DOF
Return to the world of Slaughter, a gloomy place where anarchy and lawlessness reign. Reckless bandits and thugs have broken free from a massive prison, forming gangs and engaging in fierce battles to...
Banner of My Gaming Club

My Gaming Club

EconomyAutomobile SimSandboxArtificial IntelligenceHidden ObjectFirst-PersonRealistic3D
My Gaming Club - gaming club simulatorYou have to raise your business from knees, the only thing you have at the start is an old garage that you inherited from the deceased Uncle BenWhat is this ...
Banner of Broken Spectre

Broken Spectre

CinematicFemale ProtagonistDarkPsychological HorrorLinearInteractive FictionFirst-Person3D
25 years ago your father climbed the mountain and never came back.Now he’s calling for you.Broken Spectre is a cosmic horror narrative game developed in collaboration with one of the makers of The ...
Banner of Genting Party

Genting Party

SandboxFPSFirst-Person3DRoguelike6DOFCasualMassively Multiplayer
There's an island, surrounded by clouds with a pleasing landscape. But also it's a hub for fantastic exciting adventures.【Loads of Games - Continually Updated】Play all sorts of VR games with your pals...
Banner of The 7th Guest VR

The 7th Guest VR

CinematicGothicNoirInteractive FictionFirst-Person3DHorror6DOF
Experience the most spine-tingling VR mystery adventure of your life.The classic game that chilled you to the bone in the 90s has been brought back to life, with cutting-edge VR technology that del...
Banner of Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!

Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!

Dating SimFemale ProtagonistActionRhythmController6DOFCasualVR
Say hello (morning!) to a new kind of rhythm game, and hang out in a virtual space with Kizuna AI!■Game OverviewKizuna AI: Touch the Beat is a rhythm game that features Kizuna AI.Play in VR mode, ...
Banner of 4D Games

4D Games

AbstractRetroScienceEducationSandboxLevel EditorMinimalistSci-fi
Take a deep dive into the world of Four Dimensions! Whether you are interested in the shapes, or want to become a master of 4D Chess, or fancy getting lost in a 4D Maze, 4D Games is full of challenges...
Banner of Gearhead Karting Simulator - Mechanic & Racing

Gearhead Karting Simulator - Mechanic & Racing

Automobile SimInventory ManagementSportsActionFirst-PersonControllerRealistic3D
Gearhead Karting is the ultimate kart racing game for gamers who want more than just a casual racing experience. With a deep level of customization and tuning, realistic physics, and a variety of game...
Banner of Build and Drive Racing

Build and Drive Racing

Get ready for a new experience on Windows desktop and VR,where you get to build your ultimate racing machine, tailored to your driving style and optimized for performance, or race to the finish line.....
Banner of ELDRIMAR: Prologue

ELDRIMAR: Prologue

ELDRIMAR: Prologue is a first chapter of the full game:https://store.steampowered.com/app/2349420/ELDRIMAR/In the Kingdom of Eldrimar, a schism occurred, as necromancers rose up against the mages ...
Banner of Death in the Water 2

Death in the Water 2

BEWAREBeware the waters, they hide a mysterious and terrifying threat. Death, an ancient Kraken leviathan haunts your every move in this tense underwater horror survival game. Fight to survive u...
Banner of EVERSPACE™ 2


Sci-fiAction RPGAction3DRPGFlight6DOFAdventure
Join the community on DiscordAbout the GameEVERSPACE 2 puts you in the pilot seat in this fast-paced single-player space shooter, where vicious encounters and brutal challenges stand between you and.....
Banner of Mecha BREAK


CombatRobotsTeam-BasedMechsSci-fiBattle RoyaleActionController
Apply for Closed-Alpha on Mecha Break Official Discord ServerAbout the GameDiscover an array of assault, melee, sniper, reconnaissance, and support mechs, each with unique playstyles. Engage in im...
Banner of Anime Slayer

Anime Slayer

Anime Slayer is an engaging and immersive first-person shooter (FPS) game that offers an abundance of adversaries, captivating puzzles, thrilling boss battles, and a touch of humor.As you awaken, yo.....
Banner of Arizona Sunshine® 2

Arizona Sunshine® 2

CombatDark HumorDogZombiesFPSActionFunnyLinear
Deluxe EditionSharpen your machete and load your shotgun: It's time to say hello to your old pal, Fred. Arizona Sunshine® 2, the next-gen sequel to the fan-favorite VR apocalypse, packs even more gore...
Banner of Scary Turnaround

Scary Turnaround

DarkFirst-Person3DMystery DungeonHorror6DOFAdventureSingleplayer
The first thing you do is turn on your flashlight, on F.While walking in the mountains, you fall into a cave. There is practically no light in it, you will have to find your way out of it by explo...
Banner of Medusa VR

Medusa VR

CinematicCartoonStylizedLinear6DOFEmotionalVisual NovelCasual
A scene from an original virtual reality story by Tomis Fras.Medusa is a story about two Croatian actors, adapting to a rapidly changing industry. From acting in plays at the Croatian National Theat.....
Banner of Drum Legend

Drum Legend

Level EditorIdlerActionRhythmPsychedelic6DOFCasualVR
We proudly launch Drum Legend 2.0 !The game now support Custom Songs!Visit our Discord for Import Guide and get the Song Editor.(Click on the Discord bar at the bottom right)Drum Legend...
Banner of Round Trip

Round Trip

Precision PlatformerFunnyLinearControllerRealistic3D6DOFPhysics
Round Trip is a platform video game where you will take control of a billiard ball where you will have to be very precise to avoid falling and also maintain your balance to complete the different chal...
Banner of Red Antz

Red Antz

Red Antz is an interactive music video for VR, created in collaboration with the experimental punk band Palberta.Immerse yourself in an alien world bounded by the confounding logic of Palberta’s so...
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