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Asymmetric VR

Asymmetric VR

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CartoonyAsymmetric VREditors' choiceAdventureMultiplayerStory Rich
Join our discord to get more information: https://discord.gg/GfN5R9asJVA large airliner crashes on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean after encountering a hurricane during its flight.This is a m.....
Banner of Task Force 9

Task Force 9

TacticalCombatReal Time TacticsActionAsymmetric VRStrategy3DPvE
Task Force 9 is a cutthroat VR game where players must ruthlessly take out enemies using any means necessary, whether it be through brute force or sneaky tactics. You'll have to strategically maneuver...
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Choose Your Own AdventureSandboxLevel EditorAsymmetric VRBullet TimeFirst-PersonHorror6DOF
Welcome to the wonderful world(s) of Banter VR. The physics-based social app where we enthusiastically encourage you to flex the magnificent art of wordplay, exaggeration, irony, sarcasm, and more whi...


Turn-Based TacticsDogStylizedNaval CombatTurn-Based StrategyAsymmetric VRStrategyProcedural Generation
As fleet Admiral, Your mission is to save the solar system from an extra-terrestrial threat! Command animal-based factions across planets, moons and space to ensure the survival of your species.Thi...
Banner of 「掌の上で踊らされる」をVR化してみた(仮)


3D FighterActionAsymmetric VRFirst-Person6DOFPhysicsFamily FriendlyFree to Play
「掌の上で踊らされる」という言葉通り、VR体験者が現実側の人の掌の上で躍らされる現実側 vs VR側というこれまでにない新感覚の対戦ゲームです!制限時間内に現実側は掌の上のVR体験者を落とす、VR側は掌から落ちないように耐えるとシステムは至ってシンプル。高所でのスリリングな体験をモーションベース(揺動呈示装置Lumbus)によるリアルな傾きや振動と風力呈示装置に...
Banner of 'Sassin


ActionFunnyAsymmetric VRStrategy3DPvEAdventureVR
'Sassin blends VR assassination with effortless freerunning & parkour in a world just starting to pull itself back together. How will you help the world heal from the cataclysm that killed you?...
Banner of Angel of Death

Angel of Death

DestructionCombatVehicular CombatActionAsymmetric VRFirst-Person3DFlight
To your allies, you are a guardian angel. To your enemies, you are death from above.Angel of Death is an incredibly immersive story-driven experience that seats you at the gunner's console inside the....
Banner of Nightmare Labyrinth

Nightmare Labyrinth

Local MultiplayerActionAsymmetric VRFirst-PersonController3DHorrorVR
Venture deep into the heart of darkness within 'Nightmare Labyrinth,' an electrifying asymmetrical VR experience that blurs the lines between terror and strategy. Immerse yourself in an ever-shifting ...
Banner of Starri - Move to music

Starri - Move to music

Artificial IntelligenceStylizedSportsActionAsymmetric VRRhythmFirst-Person3D
A motion-based game to experience your favorite artists and music in an unrivaled multi-sensory way.Move to music- NEW: Add more fun by playing together with a friend locally in 2P mode!- 80+ son...
Banner of Escape From Mandrillia: Local Asymmetric VR vs PC

Escape From Mandrillia: Local Asymmetric VR vs PC

GoreRobotsDarkLocal MultiplayerActionAsymmetric VR3DSplit Screen
Escape from Mandrillia is a local asymmetric VR vs PC horror game. A single player using the VR headset takes the role of a robot escaping an underground facility. Up to 2 players at the computer (usi...
Banner of Battle Blocks

Battle Blocks

CombatFuturisticActionAsymmetric VRPuzzle PlatformerFirst-Person3DOnline Co-Op
Battle Blocks is a multiplayer Tetris-inspired PvP game designed specifically for VR. You will combat players from all over the world in fast-paced matches, and acquire special items and rewards while...
Banner of Eternal Battle VR

Eternal Battle VR

CombatArena ShooterStylizedTower DefenseActionAsymmetric VRStrategy3D
VR Team-based Cross platform multiplayer game that is teeming with action, cooperation, and fun. Divided into multiple kingdoms, You and your allies will be conquering the Atlantis.2 kingdoms (Team...


CinematicCartoonDarkStylizedPsychologicalActionAsymmetric VR3D
As long as the scars remain unhealed, the fight isn't over.After returning from his latest mission abroad, John undergoes a profound transformation. Haunted by the trauma of his recent experience, h.....
Banner of INVERSE


Artificial IntelligenceSurvivalActionAsymmetric VRFirst-PersonHorrorOnline Co-OpVR
INVERSE is a multiplayer horror game where 1 player is the monster and 4 other players work together as Agents to complete their objective and defeat the Nul monster.The Foundation wanted to advan...
Banner of Cards of Destiny

Cards of Destiny

Card BattlerTrading Card GameActionCartoonyAsymmetric VRStrategyFirst-Person3D
Cards of Destiny is a VR puzzle game that brings a frantic tabletop experience to a unique, immersive environment!PLAY AS A GODTurn into a godlike being as you draw one-time-use cards that can BLE...
Banner of Knight Versus Demon

Knight Versus Demon

3D FighterCombatStylizedLocal MultiplayerActionFunnyCartoonyAsymmetric VR
KVD has one developer and the gameplay shown above is a prototype showcasing the direction the flow of combat will go: fast-paced 1v1 ground and air combat with different weapons, skills, and powerups...
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