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Top Immersive Sim Games

Top Immersive Sim Games

Banner of Corked


SandboxSkiingSportsSkateboarding3DPhysicsSnowOpen World
A ski and snowboard game for skiers and snowboarders. inspired by multiple generations of actions sports games such as Amped2 and the THPS series, corked is half arcade, half ski simulator blending a ...
Banner of Don't die in space!

Don't die in space!

Choose Your Own AdventureFuturisticSandboxStylizedSci-fiSurvivalCo-op CampaignAction
Welcome to our sci-fi space adventure, where players take on the roles of a crew aboard a spaceship as they work together to survive in the vast and dangerous universe. With the ability to play as the...
Banner of DomiNOo


SandboxLevel EditorStrategyFirst-Person3DPhysicsCasualMultiplayer
Welcome to the world of creativity and limitless possibilities in our immersive sandbox game! Here, you can let your imagination run wild and explore endless opportunities to have fun and entertain yo...
Banner of Arknights

Top Tactics Games

Banner of Maliguard


Lore-RichSandboxSwordplayAction RPGActionChoices MatterRPGAdventure
Pre-Alpha DemoPlease enjoy this Pre-Alpha Demo, all content is subject to change.About the GameMaliguard is an upcoming swashbuckling stealth misadventure, in which an ambitious alchemist must reclai....
Banner of Car Mechanic: City Driving

Car Mechanic: City Driving

Automobile SimSandboxActionFirst-PersonRealistic3DDrivingRPG
Car Mechanic: City Driving - This is a city driving simulator with your own car. Choose one of the cars, modify and repaint it as you like and hit the road! This game doesn't offer you epic action, th...
Banner of MalovModernArt Virtual Museum

MalovModernArt Virtual Museum

First-PersonRealisticFree to PlayVRNonlinearEarly AccessImmersive SimSingleplayer
Step into the MalovModernArt Virtual Museum, a place where modern art comes alive in a world of imagination. Explore our virtual exhibition halls, showcasing 100% accurate replication of artworks. Tak...
Banner of As Talk As Walk Wayfarer Team - One Percent Sleepy

As Talk As Walk Wayfarer Team - One Percent Sleepy

RetroMinimalistIdlerLinearFarming SimProcedural GenerationControllerCreature Collector
Grab your Bag, pick up the Numbering Rod, look for the backboard on the ground that flashes black and white numbers, and stand on it at the right time:The backplane with a white background can be u...
Banner of Dagger Run: Aerocombatic Racing

Dagger Run: Aerocombatic Racing

Female ProtagonistSci-fiVehicular CombatActionFirst-PersonRealistic3DDriving
Dagger Run: Aerocombatic Racing is a hybrid of fast-paced flight racing and first person exploration. Inhabit the role of a rookie pilot as they race their way through strange and wonderful worlds t....
Banner of SomaCube


Level EditorStrategy360 VideoCasualIndieImmersive SimRelaxingSingleplayer
Soma Cube is a challenging 3D puzzle game also known as "Soma Cube Puzzle". The main goal of the game is to use a series of differently shaped blocks to piece together a complete 3D shape.The block...
Banner of Merchant's Odyssey

Merchant's Odyssey

Turn-Based TacticsChoose Your Own AdventureStylizedDynamic NarrationTurn-Based StrategyStrategyChoices Matter3D
In Merchant's Odyssey, you step into the shoes of a young merchant who is thrust into action due to family circumstances. As a fledgling merchant, your role will involve planning journeys, trading goo...
Banner of Museo UNIAT


EducationSoftwareUtilities3DCasualNonlinearImmersive SimSingleplayer
Uniat MuseumDiscover UNIAT Talent!The UNIAT Museum is a virtual space where you can visit different rooms full of pieces created by students and graduates of the following UNIAT careers:Bachelor'...
Banner of Mothman


CinematicDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalFPSActionFirst-PersonDemons
Mothman is a phycological horror game in which you and up to three other players seek down and hunt a sinister demon known as Mothman. Your goal is to kill the demon, it is the only way you will survi...
Banner of Cat Life Simulator

Cat Life Simulator

Explore the World: You will find a vast open world full of diverse places to explore. From the cozy apartment to the city streets and parks, each location offers unique adventures. In "Cat Life Simul....
Banner of The Legend of Ogorets #3: Kikimora

The Legend of Ogorets #3: Kikimora

Post-apocalypticDarkActionFirst-PersonMultiple EndingsHorrorVisual NovelSouls-like
You are aboard a ship headed straight for the center of the galaxy. The Legend of Ogorets is a series featuring mature, action-packed, character-driven adventures in post-apocalyptic settings. Your ch...
Banner of Roboplant


EconomySandboxAgricultureAutomationSci-fiFunnyFarming SimStrategy
In a future not too far away, humans have finally conquered other galaxies. They are now searching for lands where to place their highly efficient hydroponic farms and grow food.Embark on a new jour.....
Banner of Repent


ConversationPsychological HorrorThrillerConspiracyChoices MatterFirst-PersonMultiple EndingsHorror
Delve into an intricate story about a grieving father, who finds himself involved in paranormal events related to a secretive cult and a mysterious girl.RepentExplore the story of Robert Watford, an.....
Banner of Clash Mini

5 Great Games To Play With Only One Hand ✋

Banner of Late Night Cleaning Simulator

Late Night Cleaning Simulator

Pixel GraphicsFunnyRoguelikeCasualFamily FriendlyAtmospheric2DColorful
Late Night Cleaning SimulatorLate Night Cleaning Simulator is in early access, I will be adding.More buissness to clean.More enemies.Bug fixes, gameplay changes, better sound effectand animat...
Banner of Nightscape City

Nightscape City

Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsIsometricSci-fiElectronic MusicRhythmTime managementCharacter Customization
Improve your club with various items. Place objects on Isometric Grid based plane.SpeakersMixersCountersLightsDance TubesFurnituresWallsSeperatorsFloorsIncrease the luxury level of y...
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