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Top Inventory Management Games

Top Inventory Management Games

Banner of Royal Romances: Endless Winter Collector's Edition

Royal Romances: Endless Winter Collector's Edition

RomanceInventory ManagementHidden ObjectEpisodicChoices MatterFirst-PersonPoint & ClickEmotional
Eternal winter has descended upon the magnificent kingdom once filled with vitality and adventure. Cold and hunger have divided families and heroes, calling out their ugliest traits and draining their...
Banner of Tales of Autumn

Tales of Autumn

Pixel GraphicsAgricultureInventory ManagementFarming SimControllerRPGFamily FriendlyTop-Down
CreaturesBefriend and tame wild creatures and ranch animals, each with their own specific requirements to stay at your ranch!TerrainChange the terrain of your land to create different biomes, ...
Banner of A Short Tale of Solitude

A Short Tale of Solitude

RetroInventory ManagementDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalThrillerPsychedelic3D
A Short Tale of Solitude is an adventure horror game, combining exploration, puzzles and survival where the gameplay is focused on fear mechanics.The game takes place during the Great War in the Vic.....
Banner of Summoners War: Chronicles

TOP 5 New MMORPG Games for Android & iOS 2023!

Banner of Unyielder


CombatRobotsFuturisticInventory ManagementStylizedAction RPGAction RoguelikeFPS
ROGUELITE LOOTERUNYIELDER is a Fast-Paced Boss-Rush FPS which unites elements of retro FPS, Looter shooters and spectacle-fighters to create absurd, asymmetrical boss battles.BOSS RUSH: Jour...
Banner of Project Bullet

Project Bullet

Pixel GraphicsFemale ProtagonistInventory ManagementSide ScrollerActionBullet HellCharacter Customization2D
Project Bullet is a side-scrolling bullet hell game, which sets in Pistalia, the fantasy world where people get the blessing from their god this power came to be known as ''Bullet'', Escape from the e...
Banner of Archons: Arena

Archons: Arena

Card BattlerInventory ManagementTurn-Based StrategyStrategyControllerDeckbuildingPvE2D
Step into the arena for a chance to become the champion.Features Build your deck the way you want to, right from the start, without the grind or randomness.Add cards to your deck by unlocking skil...
Banner of Five Days of Hell

Five Days of Hell

TacticalInventory ManagementSurvivalAction RoguelikeChoices MatterFirst-PersonRoguelikeCrafting
Five Days of Hell - a game where you survive in a harsh sandy canyon. Here you will meet anomalies, monsters and very few resources for survival, and at night demons wake up who want to kill you. Acti...


Pixel GraphicsCombatInventory ManagementDarkSci-fiFPSActionFirst-Person
CHECK OUT THE NEW RETRO FPShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1306970/About the GameHYPERVIOLENT is a brutal, old-school FPS in the style of classic sprite-based 3D games from the 1990s. After respon....
Banner of OASIS: Tokyo

OASIS: Tokyo

CombatInventory ManagementSci-fiFPSActionLootProcedural GenerationFirst-Person
OASIS: Tokyo is an FPS with a focus on inventory management that has roguelite elements. Undertake contract missions for powerful mega-corporations and other clients in the criminal underworld of an a...
Banner of Roody:2d


Pixel GraphicsUndergroundSandboxInventory ManagementAutomationTransportationStrategyProcedural Generation
A factory where the machine details are designed by you.There are dozens of blocks in Roody:2d with simple unique functions that compose into factories or vehicles or factory-vehicles!The destroye...
Banner of CruzeCraze


EconomyTacticalInventory ManagementMinimalistCapitalismInteractive FictionFirst-PersonRealistic
Welcome aboard our family-crafted indie simulation game! Take control of a majestic cruise ship, navigate scenic routes, and create unforgettable experiences for your virtual passengers. Sail through ...
Banner of Zombie Survivor: Undead City Attack

Zombie Survivor: Undead City Attack

Post-apocalypticArena ShooterInventory ManagementDarkStylizedAction RPGSurvivalZombies
Welcome to Zombie Survivor: Undead City Attack - prepare to survive zombie outbreak in this FPS shooter game!After an undercover science experiment went wrong, a mysterious deadly virus has brok...
Banner of Primateria


Lore-RichCard BattlerInventory ManagementDungeon CrawlerTurn-Based StrategyStrategyChoices MatterRoguelike
Check out our other games!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1790370/Rogue_AI_Simulator/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368850/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1971310/Deck_Adventurers_IIAbou...
Banner of Vivid World

Vivid World

Turn-Based TacticsFemale ProtagonistInventory ManagementDungeon CrawlerStrategyChoices MatterDemonsRoguelike Deckbuilder
Vivid World is a completely new party-building roguelike auto-battler, where you assemble a team of characters that have transformed into jewels to engage in combat!Transverse a new world with quirky....
Banner of Mutation Madness

Mutation Madness

Post-apocalypticRetroScienceEducationInventory ManagementArtificial IntelligenceStylizedSci-fi
Enter the World of Mutation Madness! Equip yourself with a powerful disinfectant gun and stand against hordes of mutant viruses to rescue Cell City from a devastating outbreak. Upgrade your weapon, .....
Banner of Shell Runner - Prelude

Shell Runner - Prelude

TacticalInventory ManagementAction RoguelikeActionLootProcedural Generation3DPvE
Full VersionShell Runner - Prelude is the demo of "Shell Runner". The full version "Shell Runner" will be available in Q4 2023!About This GameIn the year 2054, the line between man and machine has nev...
Banner of Rise of Cyber

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Banner of The Keeper's Book

The Keeper's Book

CombatInventory ManagementStylizedAction RPGHidden ObjectAction3DCrafting
A world threatened by an ancient evil.A mysterious book left by its guardian.A boy looking for his path.The Keeper's Book is a brand new indie adventure in which you will play as young boy inves...
Banner of Buti


Pixel GraphicsEconomyRetroSandboxInventory ManagementIdlerChoices Matter3D
Buti is an immersive RPG currently in development that delves deep into the expansive world of the internet and a little beyond, crafting a parallel universe heavily inspired by the 2000s. Here, you a...
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