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Music-Based Procedural Generation

Music-Based Procedural Generation

Banner of Melatonin


Music-Based Procedural GenerationActionRhythmController2DScore AttackIndieColorful
Melatonin is a rhythm game about dreams and reality merging together. It uses animations and sound cues to keep you on beat without any intimidating overlays or interfaces. Harmonize through a varie.....
Banner of Rock Star Life Simulator: Prologue

Rock Star Life Simulator: Prologue

EconomyMusic-Based Procedural GenerationFPSFunnyRhythmChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic
WISHLIST FULL GAMEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2530950/Rock_Star_Life_Simulator/About the GamePrologue offers a more limited experience compared to the full version. In this version, you'll p...
Banner of Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Pixel GraphicsCombatInstrumental MusicMusic-Based Procedural GenerationElectronic MusicRhythmControllerRPG
Play as Rob, a friendly musician trying to restore harmony in an off-tuned world where wacky villains are corrupting music.Rick Riffson, boss of the evil Super Metal Records company, is using the...
Banner of Shadow BoXR

Shadow BoXR

Music-Based Procedural GenerationStylizedSci-fiSportsRhythmFirst-Person3D6DOF
Introducing the ultimate VR rhythm boxing game that will revolutionize your workout routine Shadow BoXR! Immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive virtual environment that is designed to make you ...
Banner of Neo Dance

Neo Dance

CombatFuturisticMusic-Based Procedural GenerationLevel EditorSci-fiDifficultFunnyRhythm
It is a dystopian world in which a fierce struggle is being waged to take control of the databases that have been monopolized by large corporations that have brought misery and discrimination to t...
Banner of Zone Trip

Zone Trip

AbstractSandboxMusic-Based Procedural GenerationSoftwareVideo ProductionProcedural GenerationRhythmPsychedelic
Dance like you are the music, like the world is your dancefloor and you are the world. Zone Trip is an immersive Virtual Reality platform for experiencing and sharing song-sized VR "zones". Become a V...
Banner of Fishyphus


AbstractMusic-Based Procedural GenerationMinimalistStylizedActionSailingNavalProcedural Generation
Fishyphus is a horror fishing roguelite which rewards careful navigation, quick reflexes, and persistence. It's best experienced with a gamepad and headphones.Sail the wavesTake command of a fishing v...
Banner of Wurmus


RetroMusic-Based Procedural GenerationActionBullet HellProcedural GenerationCasualFamily FriendlyTop-Down
Wurmus is a non-traditional snake-like which rewards creative movement, spatial awareness, and risk management. It's best experienced with a gamepad and headphones.A different breed of SnakeOutrun, ou...
Banner of Running Through The Beat

Running Through The Beat

1980sFuturisticMusic-Based Procedural GenerationPrecision PlatformerDarkSci-fiRhythmFirst-Person
Make one with the music and Run Through The Beat!This fast paced parkour game is scattered with obstacles, some of them move with the tempo of the music. Run, slide, glide on the walls and reach...
Banner of GunjamVR


CombatFuturisticMusic-Based Procedural GenerationGame DevelopmentMinimalistStylizedSci-fiFPS
Step into a world where rhythm meets precision in this adrenaline-pumping VR game. GunjamVR is an electrifying fusion of music, lasers, and moving targets that promises an immersive gaming experience....
Banner of Golgotha


Music-Based Procedural GenerationShortPsychological HorrorFirst-PersonRealisticHorrorFree to PlayAtmospheric
Golgotha is a short first person horror game that delves deep into creeping fear and severe paranoia as you traverse through the sinister grounds of Black Waters Station. Along the way you will discov...
Banner of Rock Star Life Simulator

Rock Star Life Simulator

EconomyMusic-Based Procedural GenerationFPSFunnyRhythmChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic
ADD TO WISHLISTAbout the GameOur game simulates the journey of a talented rock artist starting to play guitar on the street and trying to become a world star. The flow of the game will be shaped by...
Banner of Celtique


Music-Based Procedural GenerationVampireHidden ObjectFPSActionRhythmFirst-PersonRealistic
Celtique is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in a French-inspired dream realm.Steal gems and kill other players while hiding in the shadows - stealing and killing increases your score, have th.....
Banner of Taiko Frenzy

Taiko Frenzy

Music-Based Procedural GenerationFast-pacedLevel EditorStylizedActionRhythmFirst-Person6DOF
Grab your sticks, drum up the beat and unleash your inner Taiko Master!Taiko Frenzy is a percussion rhythm game set in a stunning, colorful scenery. Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese fol...
Banner of Cute Survivors The Musical

Cute Survivors The Musical

Female ProtagonistCartoonMusic-Based Procedural GenerationAction RoguelikeActionCartoonyBullet HellRhythm
Owllie and the musical cats have embarked on a journey directly from the world of Lofi-Hotel into an engaging roguelike experience with bullet hell elements, all while retaining their adorable charm a...
Banner of Stimmings


God GamePixel GraphicsMusic-Based Procedural GenerationAction RoguelikeCartoonyStrategyProcedural GenerationFantasy
A strategic rogue like simulation in the fantasy genre.Lead your villagers 'Stimmings' against the relentless forces of entropy in this cellular automata simulation where the parameters of the sim a.....
Banner of Oxytone


Turn-Based TacticsFuturisticMusic-Based Procedural GenerationMinimalistHex GridStrategyProcedural GenerationController
OxytoneAre you ready for a unique adventure like no other? Oxytone invites you to explore the depths of your mind while offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for those...
Banner of Ira


IsometricFemale ProtagonistMusic-Based Procedural GenerationDungeon CrawlerDifficultAction RoguelikeActionBullet Hell
Embrace the Beauty of Bullet Hell!High up in the heavens, the ancient crystal known as Ira maintains the peace of an entire world... until a mysterious figure shatters the crystal, allowing Chaos to r...
Banner of Music Power Up

Music Power Up

Pixel Graphics1980sRetroMusic-Based Procedural GenerationGame DevelopmentHistoricalSoftwareElectronic Music
As a musician in the 1980s, create music and sound effects for video game releases! Meet programmers, editors, innovators, all passionate about their own projects, in the crazy decade that started the...


Lore-RichCinematicFemale ProtagonistMusic-Based Procedural GenerationMinimalistSci-fiDynamic NarrationThriller
Soundgrass is the product of a musician and filmmaker who decided to venture into the game industry, believing in the immense potential of games as a medium. The idea revolves around creating a univer...
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