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Banner of Handshakes


Pixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorCartoonyControllerCasualFamily FriendlyTop-DownSokoban
Take your brain for a walk in Handshakes, a simple yet tricksy sokoban puzzle game. Guide two hands through puzzles designed to stump, not frustate, so that they may achieve their dream of a warm, fir...
Banner of A Street Cat's Tale 2

A Street Cat's Tale 2

Pixel GraphicsRetroText-BasedCatsControllerMultiple EndingsVisual NovelTop-Down
Little did Cinnamon know...that the streets were a concrete jungle...!!A Street Cat's Tale 2follows Cinnamon, who wanders out the window in pursuit of a butterfly.It is a Sokoban-based, narrativ...
Banner of Sokoball Dreams

Sokoball Dreams

Sokoball Dreams is a stunningly immersive puzzle game that challenges players to think strategically and creatively in order to solve increasingly difficult challenges. With its simple yet elegant des...
Banner of Roody:2d


Pixel GraphicsUndergroundSandboxInventory ManagementAutomationTransportationStrategyProcedural Generation
A factory where the machine details are designed by you.There are dozens of blocks in Roody:2d with simple unique functions that compose into factories or vehicles or factory-vehicles!The destroye...
Banner of Puzzlepops! Plus

Puzzlepops! Plus

Grid-Based MovementMinimalistDifficultStrategyCasualFamily FriendlySokoban2D
Cute lollipops. Serious puzzles. A game about candy that will truly test your problem-solving skills. Puzzlepops! Plus includes both the original Puzzlepops! and Puzzlepops! Trick or Treat for well ov...
Banner of Uh Oh Calico!

Uh Oh Calico!

Pixel GraphicsTacticalCartoonParodyDifficultCartoonyStrategyCats
Prepare yourself for a challenging, strategic, exciting and fur-strating puzzle game! Inspired by the popular Suika Game (Watermelon Game) comes this 3D cat-tastic game of combining growing cats in a....


Automobile SimAction RoguelikeFPSActionFunnyFirst-PersonRealistic3D
Step into the bustling world of Tokyo-inspired underground railway with SUBWAY_GAME! In this immersive simulation, you take on the role of a diligent station attendant on the vibrant Big Ed Line. Your...
Banner of Lost Oliver

Lost Oliver

Turn-Based TacticsGrid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsTacticalRetroStylizedTurn-Based StrategyCasual
AboutLost Oliver is a Pokémon-inspired casual puzzle game with pixel art style from old gameboy games. You control little Oliver's mother and your objective is to use her special abilities to rescue h...
Banner of Slime Warrior Sokoban

Slime Warrior Sokoban

Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsTacticalCartoonStylizedFunnyCartoonyStrategy
FOR DOG LOVERShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1627310/Ralph_and_the_Blue_Ball/RECOMMENDED FOR YOUhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2161120/Slime_Ranger/About the GameThe GameplayLet's get some ...
Banner of As Planned

As Planned

Pixel GraphicsRetroControllerCasualProgrammingTop-DownSokoban2D
"As Planned" is a new type of Sokoban in which the player solves puzzles by giving instructions to the slime, which repeats the same movements, in the appropriate turns.Slime can only make simple m...
Banner of Patrick's Parabox

Patrick's Parabox

AbstractMinimalistPsychological HorrorDifficultStrategyCasualSokobanAdventure
Patrick's Parabox is an award-winning puzzle game that explores a unique recursive system of boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Learn to manipulate the world's structure by pushing boxes in...
Banner of BQM - BlockQuest Maker Remastered

BQM - BlockQuest Maker Remastered

Pixel GraphicsLegoSandboxGame DevelopmentLevel EditorAutomationAction RPGVoxel
BQM, the dungeon creator where you can make and play original mazes is back with new and improved graphics! You can now turn your ideas into playable dungeons like those in puzzle RPGs, without the ne...
Banner of (Dis)assemble


Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsRobotsSci-fiCo-op CampaignLinearStrategyCasual
(DIS)ASSEMBLE!In this puzzle game, each character has unique but limited abilities.Combine CharactersEach Cube can perform some actions, such as walking vertically, and pressing buttons, the Cylinders...
Banner of R:\Block


Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsCombatSci-fi2D PlatformerActionLinearStrategy
Part of what R:\Block starts out as a Sokoban style, block pushing game that evolves into something that will push your puzzle-solving skills. The other side of the game is a platformer that involves ...
Banner of Mimi the Cat - Meow Together

Mimi the Cat - Meow Together

MinimalistFunnyCozyStrategyPuzzle PlatformerCatsControllerEmotional
Mimi the Cat - Meow Together is a Sokoban-style game that offers the choice of playing solo or local cooperative.Taking control of the situation, push boxes, stack boxes, and even jump between platfo....
Banner of Journey of the Forgotten

Journey of the Forgotten

Pixel GraphicsTurn-Based StrategyStrategyChoices MatterRPGFamily FriendlySokobanAdventure
Follow Quia on her biggest adventure!Darkness Rising - Find out what is happening to the country and unravel a forgotten past!Numbers Matter - Do you feel like taking a helping hand? It's your cho...


Pixel GraphicsRetroMetroidvaniaDungeon CrawlerAction RPGActionRPGSouls-like
SLYME BREAKER is the RPG that hates the genre. Inspired by the early Paper Mario titles and the Shin Megami Tensei series SLYME BREAKER has a core focus on proactive, aggressive combat, deep and invol...
Banner of SokoSolitaire


Grid-Based MovementSolitaireMinimalistStrategyControllerFamily FriendlySokobanIndie
JOIN OUR DISCORD!About the GameWhat is SokoSolitaire?SokoSolitaire is a unique game combining the block-pushing Sokoban formula with Solitaire elements. Use your wits to navigate each level by pushi.....
Banner of Come Together

Come Together

AbstractMinimalistDifficultHidden ObjectActionLinearCartoonyStrategy
Level Editor & Steam WorkshopEngage with the community by creating and sharing your own levels. Experience the joy of playing and providing valuable feedback to fellow creators.About the GameDive in.....
Banner of Betty & Earl

Betty & Earl

Grid-Based MovementAbstractMinimalistStylizedCozyControllerEmotionalCasual
Betty & Earl is a relaxing and thoughtful puzzle game where you control everything at the same time in order to reunite the two main characters. The world is connected, and whenever you move, everythi...
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