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Banner of Retro Commander

Retro Commander

FuturisticIsometricReal Time TacticsTeam-BasedStylizedMechsVehicular CombatNaval Combat
Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS). Take command and fight it out in a world where a cataclysmic timeline has transpired on Mother Earth. Wage wars solo, against th...
Banner of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts

World War IIEconomyGrand StrategySandboxHistoricalNaval CombatTurn-Based StrategyNaval
Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts aims to be the first game of its kind - a true naval warfare game - which offers a unique opportunity to design and build countless variations of realistic looking warsh...
Banner of Victory At Sea Atlantic

Victory At Sea Atlantic

World War IITacticalReal Time TacticsGrand StrategySandboxHistoricalActionNaval Combat
Welcome to Victory At Sea Atlantic, the latest addition to the acclaimed Victory At Sea series. From the developers of Victory At Sea Pacific comes a new naval warfare experience that will transport y...
Banner of Submarine Terror

Submarine Terror

UnderwaterFPSSailingFirst-PersonRealisticMultiple EndingsHorrorAdventure
Story :Several months ago, a sinister shadow claimed the lives of two military submarines, vanishing them into the unfathomable depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Suspicions run deep, pointing to an aqu...
Banner of Burn Depth

Burn Depth

Lore-RichPost-apocalypticUnderwaterStylizedPsychological HorrorActionChoices MatterFirst-Person
Relegated below the surface of the ocean, humanity continues to survive and a stressed, yet thriving kingdom yearns to expand.As part of an expedition team sent to charter a course through a danger...
Banner of Poor Man's Adventure: Narco Sub Simulator

Poor Man's Adventure: Narco Sub Simulator

Colony SimUnderwaterAutomationActionFirst-PersonRealistic3DAlternate History
Drive a boat, see the world. World of the present-future, somewhat ruined.Mix of few genres that form sort of short adventure game. You get to manage small factories, grow weed, drive a submarine and....
Banner of The Logbook, a submarine adventure

The Logbook, a submarine adventure

Kosmocean, a planet covered by water, were human survive on tiny islands, and factions lay spread across the sea. Veredis, that bordered on a pastoral lands, Utopia with its ancient steel Submarines.....
Banner of Breath Of The Depth

Breath Of The Depth

Sci-fiFPSNaval CombatFirst-Person3DRPG3D VisionAdventure
Welcome to Breath of the Depth! Jump into the magical underwater world and start a thrilling adventure!Explore the real and delicate underwater world: through beautiful pictures and realistic so...
Banner of Hand Me A Lighter

Hand Me A Lighter

CinematicHistoricalFPSLinearFirst-PersonRealisticEmotionalVisual Novel
Just a couple of days before the submarine's arrival to home, the tired mariners woke up with harsh turbulance and loud alarm noises. Some of the mariners lost their lives instantly, some of them held...
Banner of Pelagos: A Marine Adventure

Pelagos: A Marine Adventure

ScienceEducationUnderwaterArtificial IntelligenceStylizedHidden ObjectLinearFirst-Person
Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of Pelagos! Crafted with Unity 3D, this marine photography game takes you on a tranquil journey through the enchanting California Kelp Forests. You'll be swimming ...
Banner of Project Dark

Project Dark

Choose Your Own AdventureRomanceMinimalistDarkSci-fiAction RPGInteractive storyInteractive Fiction
Project Dark is a narrative driven, immersive audio game that draws on the classic “choose your own adventure” genre to create a unique and compelling interactive experience. The game’s impactful choi...
Banner of Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

World War IITacticalCombatReal Time TacticsHistoricalActionDynamic NarrationNaval Combat
Check out our upcoming game!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1451050/Sherman_Commander/About the Gamehttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2153660/Destroyer_The_UBoat_Hunter__Supporter_Pack/Destro...
Banner of Harmonic Depths

Harmonic Depths

OverviewEmbark on a relaxing journey in an underwater realm. Glide through captivating environments, embracing the tranquility of exploration and survival found in these Harmonic Depths. Play in Surv....
Banner of Sunken Ships

Sunken Ships

UnderwaterStylizedNaval CombatControllerRPGAdventureSubmarineAtmospheric
Explore a little seaside coast of submerged ruins, sunken ships and lonely islands.Upgrade your submarine with various turrets to fend off against the many dangerous denizens of the sea.Se...
Banner of The Hookmarine

The Hookmarine

CartoonUnderwaterSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionControllerPhysicsSubmarine
Add to your wishlistAbout the GameHookmarine is a submarine specialized in the recovery of toxic waste on the ocean floor.What would happen if during an expedition the submarine's engines stopped w...
Banner of Helltrench


Pixel GraphicsCombatUnderwaterStylizedSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionProcedural Generation
Delve into Helltrench as the T.O.N, a ship that thrusts with its shots. In this shoot to move action rogue-like, conquer the depths with your slick maneuvering skills until you've reached the end. ...
Banner of Pixel Puzzles World War II Jigsaws

Pixel Puzzles World War II Jigsaws

World War IICold WarNoirEducationHistoricalSportsNaval CombatStrategy
Pixel Puzzles WW2, Bringing puzzles to the digital age.Setting the standards for online jigsaw puzzling.With many FREE puzzles included, Pixel Puzzles WWII has a large range of puzzles in various ...
Banner of Ocean Pressure

Ocean Pressure

Ocean Pressure is a short horror game where you as an old scientist piloting your handmade submarine in the bottom of the ocean. Your mission is explore the ocean and collect required data with help ....
Banner of The Undersea

The Undersea

FuturisticFemale ProtagonistUnderwaterInventory ManagementDarkPsychological HorrorActionCartoony
It's 2032, and you have been hired by AquaMarine Tech to retrieve data from 30 years ago stored in their now abandoned undersea facilities. These facilities were shut down by the government due to i.....
Banner of PathoBLASTA VS


UndergroundRetroScienceUnderwaterSide ScrollerSci-fiActionStrategy
Patho BLASTA is a Side Scrolling Shooter in the Shoot 'Em Up Arcade style game with incredible AAA grade Graphics and Sound Design. Shoot your way through many levels of corridors full of Spores, Dron...
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