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Banner of WoofChat


Step into the world of this meme-infused nightclub!Immerse yourself in a variety of roles and unleash your creativity using our provided tools or choose from those crafted by all players.Creating c...
Banner of Darkside


Darkside Hacking is a revolutionary video game that immerses you in the world of hacking. With detailed graphics, intense scenarios, and unique challenges, Darkside Hacking takes you on a high-stakes ...
Banner of Multiverse Designer

Multiverse Designer

Grid-Based MovementGame DevelopmentLevel EditorDragonsDungeon CrawlerUtilities3DMystery Dungeon
Multiverse Designer is a 3D narrative engine that allows you to create unique settings with a vast library of 3D assets, and populate them with animated models of characters and monsters. Use them as ...
Banner of MEs


EducationUtilitiesJRPGAnimeDesign & Illustration
MEs is a new personal knowledge collection and network of multiplayer worlds — a multiplayer file system that visualizes your images, music, text, and 3D models as virtual worlds. Use them as material...
Banner of Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

IdlerUtilitiesCozyCreature CollectorPoint & ClickAmbientWholesomeCasual
Spirit City: Lofi Sessions invites you to start your productivity journey, or simply relax in the cozy world of Spirit City. In this idle game, you start by setting the perfect vibe for your day with ...
Banner of Ego


UtilitiesVideo ProductionCharacter CustomizationEarly AccessIndieAnimation & ModelingAnime
feeling like streaming but don't want to expose your IRL face? use ego to livestream as an avatar!ego is built to make it as easy as possible for anyone to become a vtuber and stream as an avata...
Banner of Typing Battle

Typing Battle

Cinematic3D FighterArtificial IntelligenceSci-fiUtilitiesActionRhythmRealistic
"Typing Battle" is a game based on typing speed and accuracy. In this game, players need to use the keyboard to input designated characters in order to defeat their opponents or achieve their goals.T....
Banner of Blockbuster Inc. - Prologue

Blockbuster Inc. - Prologue

EconomySandboxLevel EditorHistoricalStylizedUtilitiesCartoony3D
WISHLIST THE FULL GAMEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1793090/Blockbuster_Inc/About the GameWelcome to Blockbuster Inc. - Prologue, a free version of the next-generation simulation game where yo...
Banner of Find Up!

Find Up!

Hidden ObjectPhoto EditingUtilitiesFunnyCraftingCasualFree to PlayAtmospheric
welcome to the Game "find Up!"The traditional game of finding the difference between the left and right pictures.Keep unlocking layers to match your unique wallpaper!Make your ideas into game ...
Banner of AliveDesktop


UtilitiesFunny3DEarly AccessIndie
WorkshopAttention: The workshop feature will open after various functions have stabilized. Please be patient and wait.Each Mod's environmental settings, post effects, and item placement can be indep.....
Banner of Jamie's Toy Box

Jamie's Toy Box

LegoAbstractSandboxUtilitiesActionInteractive FictionFirst-PersonPhysics
First Update:Seeing as many people are discovering Jamie's Toybox for the first time, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what's coming!Please meet DoT! DoT is powered by machine learning.... and .....
Banner of Cozy Space

Cozy Space

Are home design software too professional? Is it too difficult to get started?Why not give "Cozy Space" a try! Here, you'll find an extensive library of models, not only enabling you to create vario.....
Banner of They Are Coming

They Are Coming

Pixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticSandboxInventory ManagementTower DefenseSurvivalAction RoguelikeUtilities
They Are Coming is a hybrid game that combines roguelike, tower defense, and base building in a side-scrolling shooter format. It offers a straightforward gaming experience for pure enjoyment.Gameplay...
Banner of Resonite


EducationSandboxGame DevelopmentSoftwareUtilitiesFirst-PersonMemes3D
Dive into a brand new digital universe with infinite possibilities. Whether you come here to socialize and hang out with people around the world or to build, create and develop anything from beautiful...
Banner of Gundam Girl Studio for VRChat and Vroid

Gundam Girl Studio for VRChat and Vroid

FaithGame DevelopmentSoftwareUtilities3DCharacter CustomizationAnimation & ModelingSingleplayer
Robot Girl Studio just helps you to make your own 3D female robot avatars easily for VRChat.The avatars generated could also be used in VRM compatible softwares such as VSeefaceRobot Girl Studioは、...
Banner of ST World

ST World

SandboxLevel EditorArtificial IntelligenceSoftwareSurvivalVoxelUtilitiesFirst-Person
Update NotesThis free package does not include the editable levels of Riftwalkers, an open-world adventure game currently under development by our team. All previously paid early access users will hav...
Banner of Stream Basketball

Stream Basketball

Turn-Based TacticsCartoonIdlerUtilitiesSportsVideo ProductionStrategyPhysics
Elevate your stream and engage viewers with Vossel's Stream Basketball. This physics-based game overlay offers customization, a leaderboard, and endless competitive entertainment all in a non-intrusiv...
Banner of Rage Simulator

Rage Simulator

GoreAbstractEducationConversationUtilitiesMedical SimPhilosophicalCasual
Game Description.Rage Simulator is a minimalist hand-drawn beat-em-up simulator.I made this little game for myself and for you guys, sometimes I just want to beat something up.Once the game starts...
Banner of Monolith O Pesadelo

Monolith O Pesadelo

DarkDungeon CrawlerHidden ObjectUtilitiesZombiesActionFirst-Person3D
A strange creature came to get you, now you are in Monolith.It is not known if you are alive or dead, dreaming or awake, it doesn't matter.Only what matters is surviving, strange creatures will ...
Banner of HopDodge


SandboxSide ScrollerCyclingDifficult2D PlatformerVoxelUtilitiesAction
In a dark and empty afterlife, a rabbit named Hop explores the realms of death with his partner who got him kicked out of Heaven, Dodge. Each level is an abstract challenge that exists to torture and....
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