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Video Production

Video Production

Banner of Rest House III - Chlorophilia

Rest House III - Chlorophilia

CinematicAbstractNoirEducationCapitalismArtificial IntelligenceVideo ProductionPsychedelic
Explore Rest House III intriguing world and step into a dark and wet Chlorophilia. Psychological first person adventure.All the population moved to the capital. You are special correspondent of th...
Banner of Ego


UtilitiesVideo ProductionCharacter CustomizationEarly AccessIndieAnimation & ModelingAnime
feeling like streaming but don't want to expose your IRL face? use ego to livestream as an avatar!ego is built to make it as easy as possible for anyone to become a vtuber and stream as an avata...
Banner of Zone Trip

Zone Trip

AbstractSandboxMusic-Based Procedural GenerationSoftwareVideo ProductionProcedural GenerationRhythmPsychedelic
Dance like you are the music, like the world is your dancefloor and you are the world. Zone Trip is an immersive Virtual Reality platform for experiencing and sharing song-sized VR "zones". Become a V...
Banner of 연오와 세오

연오와 세오

CinematicDating SimChoose Your Own AdventureRomanceFemale ProtagonistVideo ProductionChoices MatterRealistic
97 choices. 28 endings.Do you think you can experience a life with game?It is possible if you make a number of cases.The number of cases in the interactive game “Yeon-oh and Seo” is 4656.Let's s...
Banner of Stream Basketball

Stream Basketball

Turn-Based TacticsCartoonIdlerUtilitiesSportsVideo ProductionStrategyPhysics
Elevate your stream and engage viewers with Vossel's Stream Basketball. This physics-based game overlay offers customization, a leaderboard, and endless competitive entertainment all in a non-intrusiv...
Banner of Hidden Breaking Bed Top-Down 3D

Hidden Breaking Bed Top-Down 3D

Automobile SimMetroidvaniaAction RoguelikeSportsActionBullet HellVideo ProductionStrategy
Find the objects that are hidden on the map.The game is a Hidden Object Game.In which you need to find objects with a certain design in beautiful locations, and click on them with the mouse....
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