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icon 7.3
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Initial release Jan 09, 2017
Arena of Valor, dibawakan kepada anda oleh Level Infinite dan TiMi Studio Group, ialah pengalaman MOBA 5v5 masa nyata terbaik! Sertai rakan anda, cipta persatuan dan kuasai lebih 100 wira unik daripada francais yang diiktiraf di peringkat antarabangsa. Masa depan MOBA mudah alih telah tiba. Adakah anda bersedia untuk menjadi legenda? - Perlawanan Pantas & Seronok Pilih mod permainan, cari lawan dan bersaing dalam pertempuran sengit yang boleh diselesaikan dalam masa 15 minit atau kurang. - Berjuang Dengan Rakan Anda Berganding bahu dengan rakan dan ahli persatuan untuk mencipta strategi yang membolehkan anda bekerjasama dan mencapai kemenangan muktamad. - 100+ Wira Pada Pilihan Anda Wira kegemaran anda semuanya ada di sini! Pilih peranan anda, asah kemahiran anda dan terjun ke pertempuran. - Pertempuran Untuk Kedudukan Tertinggi Kuasai wira anda dan lepaskan kuasa mereka untuk berjaya mengalahkan lawan anda semasa anda menaiki tangga untuk mencapai kedudukan teratas bermusim. Hubungi Kami: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArenaofValor YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgYkGvtBuY4onYm2Eh61zwQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/arenaofvalor Discord: https://discord. gg/CUdhNTZ
What’s new

1. Mod Baharu: Pertempuran Morph. Sertai pertempuran sebagai Slayer atau Drake!
2. Ruang Peribadi: Halaman profil sedang dinaik taraf kepada ruang peribadi. Ciri baharu ini membolehkan ekspresi diri dan interaksi yang lebih baik dengan pemain lain.
3. Enchantment Rework: Visceral Boost akan digantikan dengan Alchemy
4. Tweak Wira: Lindis, Astrid, Maloch

Additional information
Level Infinite
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From the Dev

Bunch of News in Arena of Valor: AWC 2019, Amily & Airi New Clothes, iOS Version Coming
Bunch of News in Arena of Valor: AWC 2019, Amily & Airi New Clothes, iOS Version Coming
At first, Arena of Valor World Cup 2019 announces Is goin to be headed to Vietnam! Hosted in the city of Da Nang from the end of June to mid-July and 12 teams to compete for USD$500,000 prize pool. Source: AWC 2019 [b] Play Airi and with [/b]her new club suitBefore she became a kunoichi, she was a student of the blade! Airi's joining the Kendo Club soon! [b]Amily, the Dystopian Enforcer, the rule of dark and brutal strength


~> Food For Thought<~
I won’t get into the love for this game or how my team built a group/guild from the ground up and climbed the ladder into the top 10 guilds in NA, I won’t talk about the awesome team play tactics, or how strategy is a key component within this MOBA … why? Well because there is one NEGATIVE FLAW that trumps all of the good… all of the great within this game. That flaw… is the fact that the ~ Meta ~ NEVER CHANGES. It remains the same, and thus just like anything that remains the same - becomes STAGNANT - and many things that remain stagnant becomes putrid, nasty, and altogether just foul and may even begin to stink… and that’s exactly what has happened here. Hayate, Florentino, Nakroth, Natalya, Tullen, Valhein - It is the same almost always in every match. I have a feeling the creators & team are busy elsewhere and have an Ace up their sleeve soon to be unveiled, so although this game has gone completely downhill - I know the creators > TiMi Studio Group is extremely talented & knowledgeable and have so much more to give to the world. Be prepared for something glorious! I believe in the TiMi Studio group, without a doubt!
~> Food For Thought<~
Arena of Valor Reviews
~> Food For Thought<~
Probably one of the best well managed "dead" moba out there. I never played Vainglory during it's glory days (I did play it at the beginning of this year and its such a shame the servers are gathering webs, rven when still open cuz the visuals are UNIQUE) but I imagine that it's descent into public oblivion looked something like this. So wether AoV dies completely or continues on, it's still on a good path.
Bring back aov global to Tap Tap
I've downloaded this game before from Tap tap but now there's no option of download here. Plz fix i


What is the latest version of Arena of Valor? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Arena of Valor is, updated at 2023-07-20.

what's new in the latest version of Arena of Valor?icon

1. New Mode: Morph Battle. Join the battle as the Slayer or Drake!
2. Personal Space: The profile page is being upgraded to personal space. This new feature allows for better self-expression and interaction with other players.
3. Enchantment Rework: Visceral Boost will be replaced by Alchemy
4. Hero Tweaks: Lindis, Astrid, Maloch

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Arena of Valor is Level Infinite.

Can I play Arena of Valor on Android/iOS?icon

Now Arena of Valor is available on Android and iOS.

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