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671 View2022-12-09
I tried it sometime, maybe 5 weeks ago? I hope they optimize it well for mobile as they are releasing it for mobile.
To be honest, this game needs a good phone, better, at that.
It has good graphics, I won't deny, but as of now, I mean the last time I checked, it's not optimized enough for mobile.
Prior to this, whenever I try to shoot an enemy it doesn't hit. And it wasn't a ping issue at that, they just don't hit yet the enemy does to me.
Sometimes the game freeze and is inaccessible, mid-game or just in the lobby. It happened once and it was fixed by simply restarting the game. However, the next time it happened it needs to be reinstalled. And considering that the game is pretty big, it took too much time.
I hope they fix the bugs and improve the game further.
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is it better than cod warzone


Ecineves Author

I haven't tried Warzone yet, unfortunately. Rainbow Six's graphics is good I agree, but the gameplay was really buggy at that time. So not unless they improved it, I can't really say.


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