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Brawl Stars
quit, but planning to return.

quit, but planning to return.

52 View2023-07-10
When they removed boxes I simply quit because the game was a donation dumpster where you could buy every character with gems and all it took was all of your damn money, but here I am trying to install it because I got banned from Roblox for invalid reasons.
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Roblox is a very good game I play all the time, it's especially good with friends. Only thing restricting it is the company's decisions lately. But, I think I'll play Roblox for as long as I live.
This is an amazing game for those who enjoy using their imagination. There are millions of games to choose from and some what endless creativity (Roblox is strict when it comes to this). But even though this game might sound interesting as it is, there are some negatives to the game I would like to point out. First, there's the lag. You need to have a certain amount of internet to be able to play certain games with out being kicked from the server or having intense lag. Second, they don’t bother checking the reports. When you experience a issue in a game and you try to report it, there’s a 98.5 percent chance you won’t see it resolved, since they rarely even read the reports. And when they do, they don’t do anything to fix it. I could go on forever about this, but other than these problems, it’s a great game I absolutely recommend playing :)
Roblox is the best game ever you should play it
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