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Patch Notes - 15th August, 2023

Patch Notes - 15th August, 2023

1K View2023-08-14
Dear Arena Players,
Server maintenance is happening on August 15 at 2:00am (UTC).Both Android and iOS versions will be updated to 1.37.1741585. You will need to update the app on the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) or TapTap (Android).
During the first 30 minutes of maintenance, all online players will be forced to log out. To avoid any possible interruptions to your matches, please log out before the maintenance period. We appreciate your understanding and support.
Full Patch Notes:
[Bye Bye Boxes]
We're retiring the in-game ‘Rumble Box’ system.Players will now have complete control over Hero selection and upgrades.
1. Rewards Revision: All Rumble Box rewards will be replaced with T-Coins, Power Cores, and a new item, Hero Tickets, which can be exchange directly for the Heroes you want.
The Hall of Fame rewards will undergo three changes:
- Some rewards will be REPLACED; already collected rewards cannot be collected again.
- Some rewards will be RESET; these can be collected again irrespective of previous collection.
- Some rewards will be ADDED; these can be claimed once trophy requirements are fulfilled.
2. Hero Acquisition: Apart from current Season Pass Exclusive Heroes and Heroes from the Arcade, all other heroes can now be directly purchased in the Store using Hero Tickets or T-Gems.
3. Hero Upgrading System: Power Cores will all consolidate into one universal upgrade Power Core. Players can choose any Hero to receive the upgrade.
4. Passive Abilities Acquisition: Simply upgrade your heroes to level 9 to purchase their Passive Abilities with T-Coins directly (excluding Arcade Heroes).
5. This Season, we will be fading out the Lucky Draw feature.
Lucky Draws will be put on a countdown timer, and will gradually go offline.
>>> Super Season 2 - Light Guardian
“This next season will be a fresh new start for T3”
Start Time: 2023/8/17 00:00:00
End Time: 2023/10/26 00:00:00 (UTC)
Ranked Super Season 2 will also start on August 17.
1. New Seasonal Event “SHINE! FIGHT!” begins alongside the season with event challenges offering Hero Skins, limited Collection Items, and more.
2. Welcome the new Vanguard Hero - Ono to the Arena.
3. Explore our new Control map: E-Core City.
1. Ranked Super Season 2 commences concurrently with SS2, introducing new items in the Stadium Track and Ranked Store;Ranked Season Schedule: 2023/8/17 00:00:00 - 2023/10/19 00:00:00 (UTC)
2. Introducing Commemorative Album feature for convenient access to your Ranked history;
3. To ensure fairness in Pro Ranked Matches, Spectating in Pro Ranked Matches has been disabled;
4. In Pro Ranked Matches, player names in a premade party won't be hidden;
5. UI enhancements have been made to improve performance on Ranked homepage and info display interfaces.
[Hero Balancing]
Yaa (Buffed ↑)
Yaa’s Damage capability is enhanced by increasing her main weapon [Gale Pistol] ammo capacity from nine to thirteen.
Diggy (Buffed ↑)
Diggy’s Second Active Ability [Submarine] efficiency has been improved by reducing overall Ability release time for smoother control.
[New Feature - Player Development Program]
To aid players' transition through T3 Arena stages, we're introducing the Player Development Program! Unlockable with just 50 trophies! This plan includes a series of challenges over fifteen days that offer various rewards!
[System Mechanics]
1. Overhaul of [Store] system:   - Introducing a new “Hero Store” where heroes can be exchanged with Hero Tickets or T-Gems.   - Major revamp of the “Skin Store” with continuous updates.
Look out for GATLYN - PAPERCRAFT (Legendary Skin) and ZERO-KELVIN - DREAMTEAMER (Legendary Skin) additions on September 1st at 0:00 (UTC).
2. Upgrades to the [Heroes] list:   - Added functionality to lock your favorite Hero in the main lobby.   - New feature displaying conditions required to unlock new heroes.
3. Revamp of the [Stage Selection] interface:   - Merged matchmaking for casual 5v5.
  • Mergred UI for casual 5v5 and casual 3v3 
4. Enhancements to Heroes Selection interface in-game:   - Introduced “Top Heroes” sorting, ability introduction, and replacement options.
[Mode Optimization]
1. Scoring interface adjustment for round-based Escort Mode; end-of-round score interface will now highlight win or loss causes.
2. Overtime Rules have been adjusted for Capture/Escort/Attack Escort Modes along with Respawn Times during Overtime.
3. Revised Ultimate Ability Charging Rules for All Modes; Ult Abilities will not start charging before matches commence.
[System Optimization]
1. Quick Chat has been enhanced with new text options; edit your Chat Wheel via Home > Collection > Quick Chat.
2. Model replacement for Hero [Labula]’s Second Active Ability Eternal Generator.
3. Enlarged arrow selection box for Hero Neon.
4. Rarity adjustments for heroes Sindri and Shell to 'GRAND', and Ruby and Kazama to 'EPIC'. These heroes can now be acquired from the Hero Store.
5. Performance optimization of the [Friend List].
6. Various UI and Sound Effects optimizations.
Watch Arena News for more information!
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so you have to wait until next season to buy new hero if you don't buy battle pass or you can buy it after reach level 30 free battle pass?



na the new available only in premium bp


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Am I the only one opening up all rumble boxes before the update 💀?



I am waiting for the next season to open them (cause neon will be mythic and easier to get)


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“Well done!”…“Good Job!”…“Don’t give up, we can do this!”…..


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