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Adventures of Deliveryman

Adventures of Deliveryman

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It's your first day at the "Delivery Center," and the city's pulse is quickening. Yesterday marked your first birthday; today, your journey begins. Grab your bicycle and set out on an isometric single-player adventure like no other.

Key Features:

Embark on an Urban Odyssey:

Step into the shoes of our delivery hero and embark on a unique isometric adventure. With packages in tow, you're more than just a delivery person – you're a storyteller, uncovering the tales of the city's inhabitants.

Discover the City's Secrets:

As you navigate the streets, each delivery reveals new locations and citizens. Dive into their stories and forge connections that weave the fabric of the city. Dialog choices shape your path, unveiling the city's mysteries.

Thrilling Missions Await:

Every mission is a puzzle, a base task with additional mini-challenges to keep the excitement alive. Master the art of delivery as you boost, jump, slide, and swerve through traffic – ensuring those precious packages remain unscathed.

Conquer Unconventional Terrain:

Break free from the mundane and explore the city in ways others only dream of. Ride rooftops, discover hidden passages, and experience the city's depth from unique perspectives.

Customize and Personalize:

Your base is your sanctuary – the hub of your journey. Build and customize your bicycle of dreams in the garage. Craft new parts from blueprints and create a ride that's truly your own. Change your character's appearance with outfits and accessories you uncover during your journey.

Ride with Flair:

Trick blueprints elevate your style as you learn in-air moves. Slide and glide with panache, earning rewards as you cruise through the city's vibrant districts.

Compose Your Soundtrack:

Collect records hidden throughout the city and curate your personal music playlist. Let the rhythm of the city inspire your journey.

Unveil the City's Hidden Truths:

Master the delivery art, ride like a pro, and the city's enigma beckons. What lies behind the curtains? Who holds the reins of power? The city's facade is just the beginning; the true story unfolds as you choose between becoming a loyal citizen or venturing into the shadows with "THEM."
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Fat Snail Studios
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When was this game updated?icon

Adventures of Deliveryman is updated at 2023-09-20.

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The provider of Adventures of Deliveryman is Fat Snail Studios.

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