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Arctic's Adventure

Arctic's Adventure

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Arctic's Adventure is a cute and cozy platformer game where you play as a young polar bear who lives in a community built on an iceberg. The iceberg is close knit, and the bears work together to create a cohesive and comfortable place to live. Every year before the winter solstice, the bears work together to set up the Polar Festival. Use your skills and abilities to help out your neighbors and complete quests for them in order to have a successful festival!

Your best friend, Tundra, wants to help out too. However, things may go wrong as you work together, leading to some unforeseen events...

In this game you can:Talk to NPC's and complete their quests!
Overcome platforming challenges!

Navigate the environment with your surprisingly agile legs! Jump, leap, wall hop, and grab ledges to overcome hurdles and find secrets in high places!

Slide across town at high speeds!

There's no need to walk down icy slopes, it's time to learn the ancient technique of belly sliding in order to make the decent quicker, safer, and wicked fun!

Ride expandable snowballs!

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride atop a snowball as it tumbles through the snow and grows bigger and bigger? It's rad as heck, but you'll need some good balance!

Ride bikes down curvy paths!

This is the best way to navigate through muddy, rock-filled trails! Time your bike jumps with ramps on the paths for extra speed!

Smash and collect crystals!

Use your punches and kicks to activate buttons, break up big crystals into collectable bits, and to get yourself out of the occasional tussle!

Discover even more vehicles to ride!

There will be even more vehicles for you to ride around throughout your big adventure!
Additional information
David Eshuis
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When was this game updated?icon

Arctic's Adventure is updated at 2023-08-27.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Arctic's Adventure is David Eshuis.

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