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Backrooms Break

Backrooms Break

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"Weapons Version of Inside the Backrooms All fear comes from lack of firepower!!!"
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Prepare to immerse yourself in the darkest depths of terror with Backrooms, the ultimate psychological horror PC game. In this spine-chilling adventure, you'll find yourself trapped in a never-ending maze of abandoned rooms Your only goal: survival.

Backrooms takes fear to new heights by combining intense gameplay with a captivating narrative. Explore the eerie corridors and encounter unimaginable horrors lurking around every corner. With the gravity hammer in your hands, unleash devastating attacks upon your enemies, shattering the environment in the process. Watch in awe as walls crumble and debris flies, providing a sense of realism that will send shivers down your spine.

No two playthroughs are ever the same, thanks to the game's procedurally generated labyrinths. Each time you enter the Backrooms, a unique and unpredictable maze awaits, guaranteeing endless replayability and fresh challenges with every attempt. Explore the Backrooms, Poolrooms, and Rustyrooms, each with their own distinct atmosphere and lurking dangers.

As you navigate through this twisted nightmare, be prepared for the unexpected. The loot, enemies, and bosses you encounter are randomized, ensuring that you can never let your guard down. Adapt your strategies on the fly and face off against an assortment of terrifying creatures and formidable bosses, each demanding a unique approach to defeat.

Survival in the Backrooms is not an easy task, but fear not, for the game employs a rogue-lite progression system. Learn from your mistakes, upgrade your weapons, and unlock powerful abilities to enhance your chances of escaping this living nightmare. With each playthrough, you'll discover new secrets, uncover hidden paths, and inch closer to freedom.

Backrooms is not for the faint of heart. With its unparalleled atmosphere, heart-pounding gameplay, and a world that can drive even the most resilient to the brink of madness, this game will test your courage like never before. Are you ready to face your deepest fears and survive the horrors of the Backrooms? The choice is yours, but remember, the walls are always watching...
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Jan Jileček
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When was this game updated?icon

Backrooms Break is updated at 2023-03-15.

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The provider of Backrooms Break is Jan Jileček.

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No. But you can pre-register Backrooms Break on TapTap.

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