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The Digital Media Acquisition Creature and his army of CopyWright Creeps have invaded Vtuber worlds! Gather a group of friends and battle as one of your favorite Twitch streamers to defend their homes!

I'm just a cartoon goat I'm not great at writing. Here's some of the Goatical stuff you can do in BattleTubers:

Defend worlds modeled after Vtubers from increasingly deadly waves of CopyWrights. Battle through waves of enemies themed to match their Vtuber world and try to survive CopyWright boss fight waves using any Goatical guns you can get your hooves (or hands) on during the fight.

Upgrade your weapons and character buffs through multiple tiers using points. Fighting Solo your goal is to stack as many upgraded buffs etc. as you can to survive the wave scaling. When battling with a group of friends in Coop mode you'll have to coordinate your points and upgrades between team members and rely on tricks like stacking status effects on enemies to survive.

Laugh at your friends while you refuse to revive them.

Chew Grass and Bleat Ass with healing items like Grassums. The snack that tastes like grass because it's a bag of grass! Enemies have a random chance to drop Goatical powerups to help you and your team fight. Inceased fire rate, double melee damage, extra weapons. You never know what temporary powerup you're gonna get until you shove that buff food down your gullet!

New Vtubers and their worlds will be added to the game on a regular basis as well as new enemy types to match. There's no viewer count, sub count requirements etc. to be added to the game. Jiffy Goat and the AbsurdHerd goats will be regularly checking out streams using #BattleTubers tags.

If you're a Vtuber interested in being added to the game use the #AddMeBattleTubers tag and you might get a goatastic message to talk about adding you to the game!

Gather your herd and prepare for the absurd with BattleTubers!
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When was this game updated?icon

BattleTubers is updated at 2023-12-26.

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The provider of BattleTubers is Jiffy Goat.

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