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Initial release Aug 05, 2016
Reproduce the classic BlazBlue fighting, the most refreshing fingertip fighting experience! Control the popular characters of the BlazBlue series, and fight with no cooldown and no limit! Break through the traditional action mobile game operation mode, create an original point-and-swipe infinite combo, and reproduce the arcade fighting experience. Choose from multiple heroes with different styles. 2D extreme Japanese style of painting, many first-line Japanese voice actors give their voices, waiting for you to fight! -Game Features- [Officially Authorized BlazBlue Genuine Edition] BlazBlue's genuine action mobile game authorized by Arc System Works, supervised by series producer Michi Mori, perfectly restores the classic characters and moves of the BlazBlue series, and reproduces TV Animation plots and classic lines are all included. [One-finger Combo Combat Combat] Completely abandon the anti-human skill virtual buttons of traditional mobile games, create an original point-and-swipe operation mode and win a patent, judge moves based on the player's fingertip movement, and create an arcade-like rubbing move Such a refreshing experience. All skills are cast without cooling down, as long as you operate them properly, you can achieve infinite combos! 【Extremely Gorgeous Picture Presentation】The most gorgeous 2D picture presentation, with thousands of exquisite original paintings, strives to create the purest Japanese picture style. The most sophisticated combat special effects and skill performance, perfectly restoring the fighting style of the BlazBlue series, the most gorgeous fighting experience! [Music composed by great voice actors] Tomokazu Sugita, Yuichi Nakamura, Aoki Yuki, Tetsuya Kakihara, Akira Ishida... Dozens of top voice actors from Japan contributed their voices. Awaken the fighting spirit in your ears! [Unlock Heroes to Deepen Bonds] Popular characters from the BlazBlue series will appear one by one, and players can unlock new heroes by collecting props. Each hero has a unique fighting style, which will bring you a different style of fighting experience. The mutual generation and mutual restraint relationship between characters is crucial to the battle. Unlock more heroes and let the power of fetters help you overcome all difficulties! [Variety of competitive play methods] Blazeblade integrates a variety of PVE and PVP gameplay. Players can choose the story mode to challenge the difficult dungeons and experience the grand story of the Blazblue world; they can also compete with other players in the competitive mode. Compete, and even real-time battles, let you and your friends have a face-to-face fight! 【Contact us】 Official QQ group: 1021964032 Official WeChat account: BlazBlue Official
What’s new

1. Remove the battle guide before login 2. Add age-appropriate reminder icons 3. Replace Makoto and u-12 Lihui

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Official Website
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English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean
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What is the latest version of BlazBlue? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of BlazBlue is 1.54, updated at 2022-07-07.

what's new in the latest version of BlazBlue?icon

1. Remove the battle guide before login 2. Add age-appropriate reminder icons 3. Replace Makoto and u-12 Lihui

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of BlazBlue is 91Act.

Can I play BlazBlue on Android/iOS?icon

Now BlazBlue is available on Android.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

BlazBlue supports 5 languages including Simplified Chinese,English,Traditional Chinese,Japanese,Korean etc.

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