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Bunny Prison Break

Bunny Prison Break

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Bunny Prison Break is a fast-paced and brutal retro-styled roguelite. Incarcerated in a concentration camp by odious Swine invaders, you have to shoot your way out to freedom. Blast through hordes of enemies and fullfill your quest for revenge.

A peaceful life of democratic Hopia is disrupted when its militaristic and authoritarian neighbour Swineland invades the country. A massive army of Swines annihilates Hopia's forces and occupies its territory. The land is now rife with concentration camps that bleed Hopians dry of hope and life. There is nothing to see but ruins, there is nothing to hear but pig squeels…

Take on the role of Bunny, one of the incarcerated Hopians, on his mission to break out of a concentration camp and take revenge on Swines. Bunny Prison Break sets you on the blood-soaked warpath to win back the freedom of Hopia while blasting through hundreds of enemies on different levels.

Fast-paced action: Spray and dodge hundreds of bullets on compact levels packed with enemies
Replayability: Try, Die, Try Again. Every level is procedurally generated which, combined with dozens of upgradable weapons and various enemy types, makes each run literally unique
Dark retro aesthetics: Dive into a dystopian world with retro-inspired art style
Soundtrack: Enjoy a high-octane 16-bit retro soundtrack made by Kosko
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Bunny Prison Break is updated at 2023-05-06.

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The provider of Bunny Prison Break is eugeen.

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