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Canvas of Kings

Canvas of Kings

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Canvas of Kings is a minimalistic mapmaking tool that focuses on randomness and auto-generated elements on user-definable and interactive paths and plots.

Use flexible paths and plots

You can define your map with paths and plots that you can adjust at any time. The automatic object placement supports you. In this way, you can directly create a wall with towers or simply an entire forest.

Place lovingly hand-drawn objects

Instead of placing and adjusting individual objects, you can randomly vary the object properties directly and use object categories to create a varied map without extra effort. The objects can also be combined. For example, you can place crates on towers or walls and move them together.

Customise the lighting and weather

Use the built-in lighting and weather system to change the atmosphere of your map the way you like it. Configure different details or simply choose a template.

Export a definable area, with or without a grid

Create an export area and the grid how and where you want. You can export parts or the whole map for print or digital use. You can also save your settings as a template for future maps.

What you can't do with this tool (yet)
Create fully procedurally generated maps
Paint the landscape in the classic way
Create interior views of buildings or caves
Insert texts or decorative elements
Import custom assets
Export to VTT format (except: png/jpg, with/without grid. Map is saved as .json)
Create animations
There are certainly other things... :)
About the developer and this tool
I'm actually working on a trading simulation called Might of Merchants alongside my family and full-time job. For this I have developed some tools. I was asked if I could publish them. So I put in some work and created this software. It's not perfect and not finished yet, but I would be very happy if you use it and thus support my work.
Your feedback is very welcome!

No additional commercial licensing is required.
Additional information
Hannes Breuer
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When was this game updated?icon

Canvas of Kings is updated at 2024-02-15.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Canvas of Kings is Hannes Breuer.

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