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Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad

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Castle Doombad is the reimagined and expanded remake of the 2014 hit Strategy and "Action Tower Defense" game -- coming to Steam for the first time with brand new content, including a 2-player Co-Op Mode!

YOU are the villain – and life as a baddie sure is good! At least it was, until pesky heroes decided to invade your quaint little lair o’ despair. Turns out they’re not too keen on the whole “captured princess and prince” situation. What’s a Big Boss Bad Guy to do? Decking out your castle with a heinous heap of traps, monsters, and dastardly weapons seems like a good place to start!

Choose from over 35 delightfully devious traps and minions to devise and deploy your own diabolical designs of do-gooder destruction! Strategically place traps on walls, ceilings, and floors to uncover the multitude of wicked ways they can complement and combo off one another. Then add a sinister sprinkle of free-roaming minions and manually-activated traps that require your precision timing to pack a painful punch...

Unlock, upgrade, and customize your traps, troops, and castle on your quest to become the baddest of them all!

Play the entire game either in Single Player or become Co-Villains alongside a friend in 2-Player Co-Op! You and your partner-in-crime must choose different traps and tools, so you'll need to rely on each other and plan your evil schemes accordingly. Available in local play or via Steam Remote Play.

The new Castle Doombad features top-to-bottom remade and remastered graphics with a nefarious new art style! And that’s not all: brand NEW content and features have been added to improve and greatly expand the original game -- giving you a whole new Doom! (More details on the new features to be revealed soon!)

Castle Doombad also includes new controls designed for Steam -- play with a mouse+keyboard, gamepad, or your Steam Deck!

From the team that brought you Steven Universe: The Light Trilogy, Teeny Titans, Super Mole Escape, Bring Me Sandwiches!!, and more!

Add Castle Doombad to your wishlist today to receive updates on the release date, or follow along with development by following one of our social media accounts (see them all on our linktree) or joining our official Discord Community, here:
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Grumpyface Studios
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When was this game updated?icon

Castle Doombad is updated at 2024-02-15.

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The provider of Castle Doombad is Grumpyface Studios.

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