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Cat Fantasy
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Imagine saving the world in a cat cafe , a turn-based RPG featuring anthropomorphic cats.
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Initial release Aug 24, 2023
Imagine saving the world in a cat cafe with Cat Fantasy, a turn-based RPG featuring anthropomorphic cats developed by Fundoll Games. In an urban city filled with these unique felines, you take on the role of an 'investigation officer' who runs a cafe named 'Cat of Baker Street' as a starting point.
As you lead your own cat team, you'll alternate between the healing cat-cafe life and mysterious investigations, all while uncovering the truth behind the existence of a large number of emotional diseases plaguing the city.

If you encounter any problems during the testing process, or have any opinions or suggestions about the game, please feel free to provide feedback through in-game customer service, TapTap forum, Discord, and other channels!

What’s new

1. Added new event - Partner Up.
2. Increased the limit of Friend List to 100.
3. Increased Combatant level limit to 70.

Additional information
Official Website
Official Website
In-app Purchases
English, Traditional Chinese
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Network Connection
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System Requirements
Android 7.0 +
Content Rating
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Cat Fantasy [ MOBILE ]
The owner of the "Cat of Baker Street" will soon reveal himself as an "investigator" to save the world My Gameplay on YouTube 📖 Storyline: It all starts with a snap of the fingers and immediately afterwards it will trigger an explosion that spreads throughout a mysterious and peaceful metropolis.  The dust will darken the sky, in which we live, which, falling to the ground, will unleash a large number of strange diseases of unknown origin.  People only know that it seems that behind the scenes there is someone or a dark force silently sowing the seeds of evil. As for what that force is and who it is, no one knows yet!  We will play the role of an investigator who also manages a bar populated by docile cats but who above all makes use of a secret task force of only attractive girls, it reminds me a lot of the plot of the 70s American TV show
Cat Fantasy [ MOBILE ]
Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Reviews
Cat Fantasy [ MOBILE ]
The cat is out of the bag! Join the Meow Movement in Cat Fantasy
This game so Good and very smooth animation and friendly for F2P players,for players who like "turn based" genre games try it. Full Size 4GB+ Rating (in my opinion) : 🎮 Gameplay: 8/10★ 🎨 Graphics:  8/10★ 📖 Storyline:  7/10★ 🎵 BGM Sounds: 8/10
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
The cat is out of the bag! Join the Meow Movement in Cat Fantasy
In the imaginative RPG gacha game Cat Fantasy, players are transported to Catto City, where cat café management is blended with intriguing urban adventures. This game stands out from the average gacha RPG by combining everyday life management with captivating, story-driven quests. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s all set within a world full of interesting anthropomorphic cat characters. Here is my take, from early reviews for the game on TapTap:
The cat is out of the bag! Join the Meow Movement in Cat Fantasy


What is the latest version of Cat Fantasy:PH? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Cat Fantasy:PH is 2.5.5, updated at 2024-03-21.

what's new in the latest version of Cat Fantasy:PH?icon

*New Chapters in the Main Story: Night Voyager (Part 1)*
Chapter 20: Unextinguished Flame
Chapter 21: The Outsider Lamb
Chapter 22: Black Cat

*Added an Interaction button in Combatant - Skin. Now Inspectors can interact with some Combatants directly.*
*Added Auto Button in the battle for Cato.*

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Cat Fantasy:PH is FUNDOLL.

Can I play Cat Fantasy:PH on Android/iOS?icon


What languages are supported by the game?icon

Cat Fantasy:PH supports 2 languages including English,Traditional Chinese etc.

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