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Free demo available now on Steam! Build and defend the towers and walls of a besieged humanity struggling to live in a world blighted by a dangerous mist.
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About the GameCataclismo is a mix of real-time strategy and tower defense from the creators of Moonlighter. Defend the last bastion of humanity in a ruined world, building fortresses brick by brick to fend off waves of Horrors. Withstand the siege and rise above the haze in a story of hope, resilience, and community.

BUILD YOUR FORT PIECE BY PIECEArchitect by day, commander by night: you’ll need to gather up resources and use LEGO®-inspired mechanics to build your stronghold with tactical layouts, weather, traps, and troop placement in mind. When night falls, the hoards will arrive to try and tear everything down. With a realistic physics system, falling bricks will crush enemies and allies alike!

MAKE YOUR CITADEL THRIVEIt is busy within the walls. Your citadel will get more efficient as you build specific key buildings and reach new prosperity levels. With each new update, new constructions, stronger soldiers, and destructive siege equipment will be unlocked, not least fire arrows to turn horrors into ashes. The higher the prosperity, the easier you will endure the siege.

DEFEND AGAINST THE NIGHTSkillfully command a wide range of soldiers, maneuvering them into precise tactical positions that best suit their role - even the height of their position matters, every meter counts! Deploy skillful bowmen, explosive cannoneers, or bulky lobbers, each with unique skills that will automatically activate during a siege, and build traps to foil the enemy.

A STORY OF HOPE & HOMEThe Cataclismo left the world devastated. But... what if we could rebuild? Throughout a 30-hour single-player campaign complete with VA and cutscenes, you will gradually learn and master all the game mechanics while joining Lady Iris in a story of hope and home.

PLAY AS YOU SEE FITAlongside the single-player campaign, Cataclismo features a myriad of modes. Face increasingly challenging, endless waves of horrors in Survival Mode; build without limitations nor the fear of monsters destroying your ideations in Creative Mode, and overcome a selection of hand-crafted, cleverly designed maps in Skirmish Mode.

FEATURES Tactical brick-by-brick castle construction inspired by LEGO®.
Over 100 pieces to mix and match for physics-based stronghold building.
Optimize life and production within the castle walls.
Brace for the nightly swarms of Horrors and defend your fortress.
Deploy a roster of characterful troops with unique tactical specialties.
Siege equipment, such as flaming arrows, poison, claw traps, and more.
A 30-hour campaign, plus creative, survival, and skirmish modes for endless replayability.
Beautiful comic art illustrating a somber world lost to the perilous Mist.
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Digital Sun
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Diving Into The Demo - Cataclismo's Base Building & More
Hey Folks, thanks for tapping and tuning in. I finished my deeper dive into Digital Sun's Cataclismo Demo- so if you're looking to see how it plays, or just here a few more of my thoughts- you're in the right place. P.S.  If you want to see my other reviews, you can check out & Follow me @Youtube→ Discord→
Crit Hit Arlyeon3K2023-06-30
Build, Fortify, Explore, Survive | Demo Review - Cataclismo
Cataclismo is a town building and tower defense real-time pausable strategy game where you build and defend the towers and walls of humanity that are struggling to survive in a fantasy world plagued by a hazardous mist and eerie creatures. The graphics feature Another World-esque paint-like cel-shaded visuals for the 3D world, with a cleaner 2D art style for the character portraits and cinematics. It’s not that pleasing to the eyes and is supposed to add to the game’s bleak atmosphere. Additionally, the game also features a fitting hauntingly depressing soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere and helps to create a sense of the cataclysmic world.
Cataclismo - A Curious Concept
Hey there, Thanks for tapping & Tuning into yet another of my articles- though this one is less a review, and more a quick foray, since I recently poked into the demo of Digital Sun's Cataclismo - A survival oriented real-time strategy game Promising Possibilities Whilst the Demo itself only covers two stages in the game, it does a decent enough job of introducing one of the game's central concepts. Specifically, while you will be engaging in the traditional resource gathering, unit building, and tactical distribution of your units- there's something -very- interesting that sets this game apart from its peers.
Crit Hit Arlyeon4K2023-06-28


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Cataclismo is updated at 2024-02-24.

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The provider of Cataclismo is Digital Sun.

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