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You Are Earth’s Final HopeIt has been one year since Earth has been invaded by a myriad of alien races hellbent on eradicating not only the Human race but their creators who have lived in hiding for thousands of years, the Annunaki. You are a super soldier, a Custom, made by the Chimera project in a last ditch effort to save humanity. Explore the infested sewers of Los Angeles, the toppled mountains of Peru, the facilities hidden in Antarctica, and so much more. Find secrets long hidden under mankind's feet that lead to the stars and work towards halting the galactic war. Don't just shoot stuff but solve puzzles and uncover the truth. The truth that humanity was hiding from itself.Unleash Your Animal PowersNot all super soldiers are built the same, you're built different. Harness the genetic powers of Earth's most legendary creatures, each having a specific ability and base stats. As you evolve your combat skills your animal abilities will as well, with every choice of progression given to you. Find your favorite and max it out or collect all the genes and master them, the choice is yours to fully empower your playstyle. Save loadouts for quick switching within the story or have several to dominate the multiplayer space. Everything is centered around giving you the agency to play your way.Customize EverythingEverything as in everything everything. Customize your weapons, armor, even your genetic code to maximize your efficiency in dispatching enemies. There are countless combinations between weapon improvements, gear augments, and genetic leveling, to best fit your playstyle. It's more than augs and mods though, you can even customize colors for your armor and weapons! Be truly unique and save it all in multiple loadouts so you're always battle ready.Ways To PlayOf course the standard single player story is at the ready but wait! There's more! Dive headfirst into multiplayer with all your favorite game modes such as deathmatch, capture the flag, and more with fun mechanics twists. Or squad up with friends and tackle the story together, you can even do so while sitting on the couch together. That's right, couch co-op! Buddy up with your friends online or slaughter them in multiplayer while they sit next to you.
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Volok Games
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Chimera CUSTOM XG is updated at 2023-05-26.

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The provider of Chimera CUSTOM XG is Volok Games.

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