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City of Outlaws

City of Outlaws CBT Global

icon 8.1
Initial release Mar 28, 2024
City of Outlaws - An Unprecedented Gangster Open-world Adventure

Best experience you'll ever have on mobile! Besides experiencing multiplayer PvP and challenging PvE, can you handle the world of gangs with missions like infiltration, assassination, undercover operations, and citywide wanted-notice? Hey, gather your friends! Let's experience the most thrilling gangster open-world adventure together.

Intense Gunfights and Shooting Experiences with Friends
Rich PvP system allows you to experience the thrill of battling real players! Strategize with your friends and navigate through the hail of bullets to emerge victorious. Unlock more advanced firepower through various missions, with a wide selection of firearms at your disposal. Team up with online players and try to take down fully armed military helicopters using grenade launchers!

Gangster Open World for You to Explore
Detailed and realistic graphics allow you to experience the grand city firsthand. Interact with the environment freely, assassinate NPCs, and trigger hidden racing challenges by auto theft. But be cautious – messing with the wrong people, and you might not walk away unscathed.

Immersive Missions and Various Gameplays to Enjoy
Sneak into enemy warehouses, interrogate informants strapped to cars for intel, or team up with your buddies to escape police blockades. Even a simple trip to the convenience store for coffee might bump into a robbery – and whether you return the stolen goods or keep them for yourself... that's up to you. In City of Outlaws, there's never a dull moment!

High-Speed Thrills with a Variety of Vehicles for Customization
Choose from sports cars, trucks, large cargo trucks, and more, to customize your ride at the garage – adjust windshields, baking paint, rims, and exhaust pipes; create your unique vehicle, with the ultimate acceleration of a GT and an armored vehicle, to tear the city apart!

Do you want to be the outlaw wanderer, the righteous cleaner of the city, or play both sides and dance in the gray area where anything goes? In City of Outlaws, you can follow your own will and make choices that shape not only your life but also the rules of the world!


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VPlay Interactive Private Limited
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No System Requirements
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What is the latest version of City of Outlaws? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of City of Outlaws is 0.1.2501, updated at 2024-03-28.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of City of Outlaws is VPlay Interactive Private.

Can I play City of Outlaws on Android/iOS?icon


What languages are supported by the game?icon

City of Outlaws supports 1 languages including English etc.

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