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Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together

Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together

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About the Game

Cooking Simulator is back – bigger, better, and with optional multiplayer! Create your own recipes and take advantage of new and improved controls to become the best restaurant cook in the city! Or just have fun and enjoy cooking at your own pace. You’re the chef here!

Time for a fresh start! Leave your boring office career behind and, with the help of friends, chase after your dream of becoming the greatest cook. From humble beginnings in a burger joint, rise up to become the chef of the best restaurant in the city. Learn about ingredients, techniques, and how to combine them into recipes to serve delicious meals to different kinds of guests. Your creativity is the key!

If you feel that you could use a helping hand, just call up your buddy and together you will overcome any hurdle. They can bring all their gear and expertise and you will reap the rewards together. Don’t feel like working? You can invite them to your apartment or to sandbox mode just to have fun, cook something delicious, spend some time together, or maybe have a food fight?

Tired of the same old recipe time and time again? It’s time to spice things up! As a chef, your job is to experiment in the kitchen and create the dishes your guests will crave. Take dozens of base recipes and make them your own. It will take some time to figure out the perfect combinations for your guests, but they will make it worthwhile. 

Got stuck on a recipe or just not in the mood for tinkering? We’ve got you covered. You can collect hundreds of recipes in-game, some of them fancy, some of them home-brewed, all of them inspired by authentic dishes from around the world. With simple adjustments, you will find something for every taste.

Of course, designing recipes is just part of the job description. As a chef you will be responsible for the kitchen side of the business. Order supplies before you run out of ingredients and prep them ahead of time to not keep your guests waiting. Maintain neat stations and keep your kitchen tidy, you never know when a health inspector might drop by.

And cook! Use professional equipment, powerful tools, and fresh ingredients. Don’t burn your food, but don’t serve it RAW either. Get your timing right to run an efficient kitchen. Pick the right cuts for the job. Use power settings and heating stations to keep your food warm. Assemble your dishes and decorate them to your heart’s desire, just don’t forget the lamb sauce.

Even the best recipe needs a good cook to become a delicious meal. And you will be the best! But first you will need to learn the ropes, starting off with the basics like perfecting your cutting technique on some simple ingredients. As you earn experience and prestige, new job opportunities will open up and you will grow as a professional, unlocking new skills, perks, and knowledge.

Using your new abilities will allow you to move up in the city’s culinary world. With time, you will earn a chef’s position at a luxury restaurant. Finally, you’ll meet the four critics that dictate what’s hot and what’s not in this city. Earn their appreciation and you’ll win the four coveted cooking badges, a feat that none have managed to achieve in decades.

But it’s not all about work and glory. After a long day it’s good to relax with your friends and have a nice chat. Nothing sparks a good conversation like a delicious meal. They will support you on your way to the top, give helpful advice, and push you to become the best version of yourself. And maybe the right recipe will give you a chance to repay the favor, help them open up about their problems, and find a solution? After all, cooking is about relationships and bringing joy to others.
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Big Cheese Studio
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When was this game updated?icon

Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together is updated at 2024-02-22.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together is Big Cheese Studio.

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