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Dark Mine

Dark Mine

icon 7.8
Available on iconicon
Initial release Jan 03, 2023
Retro-Style Action Platform

At the brink of the abyss, humanity dug tunnels into the groud to protect their humanity from the dark outside.
The star, who once sheld glare and heat to the world of man is now torn apart, craked in pieces lost forever in the depths.
Strange creatures populate the endless maze of corridors they created under the surface, all moved by the endless search for the last light.

The last city of man resisted, but its fate is doomed, if no one can bring back the last piece of the star from the bottom of the Dark Mine.

- Random generated dungeons to explore and loot
- Each depth has its own monsters
- 6 bosses to defeat to reach the end
- Old-fashion life system: if they end up, it's all from the beginning

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What’s new

v1.0.5 1-1-2023
- Fixed maze generation bug

Additional information
X Axis
Last Updated on
Network Connection
System Requirements
No System Requirements
Content Rating
Parental Guidance
out of 10


Jared Noe
Jared Noe
Great Concept Ruined by Terrible Controls
I am strongly in favor of the indie gaming trend to simplify, especially for mobile gaming.  Dark Mine accomplished this goal as well as setting a good level of difficultly.  Unfortunately the control layout is so bad that it adds to the difficulty.  After blowing myself up with a bomb for the 20th time when all I wanted to do was hit a spider with a pickaxe, I uninstalled the game.
Dark Mine Reviews
Dark Mine - Gameplay Review | Cool Arcade RPG Adventure Game!
Dark MIne: A Short Game Review
Dark Mine - Gameplay Review | Cool Arcade RPG Adventure Game!
Dark Mine is an arcade adventure RPG mobile game with pixel graphics and the protagonist naturally reminds of minecraft game. All you need to do is to keep going down the mine (underground tunnels) while destroying rocks, collecting treasures and killing enemies. The game provides a good challenge to its player. Try it out!
Dark Mine - Gameplay Review | Cool Arcade RPG Adventure Game!
Dark MIne: A Short Game Review
Dark Mine is an RPG mobile adventure mobile game with lots of story contents. The gameplay is not that hard to understand and with all those tutorials guiding you, it can easily be played. When I played this game, I felt like playing Minecraft games, little bit of similarity could be seen in both of these games in terms of graphics. By the way, I love how we get to collect things while going on the adventure in the game and then use it instantly for different purposes. Like, there’s an option where we collect bomb and we can collect it in total of five for one time but, it is used instantly so, no worries collect as much as you can. There’s also different treasure box found in the tunnel as you exceed in the game, and collecting coins is too much fun. I really liked the concept of using bombs to break the walls and clear the path, also to get the treasure you need to use the bomb sometimes. There’s an option where you can also use shovel to clear your path and get the treasure.
Dark MIne: A Short Game Review


When was this game updated?icon

Dark Mine is updated at 2023-01-05.

what's new in the latest version of Dark Mine?icon

v1.0.5 1-1-2023
- Fixed maze generation bug

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Dark Mine is X Axis.

Can I play Dark Mine on Android/iOS?icon

Now Dark Mine is available on Android.

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