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Dead End

Dead End

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Welcome to Dead End, an immersive third-person co-op adventure set in the early stages of a chaotic zombie apocalypse. Experience procedurally generated campaigns that unfold with diverse routes, dynamically placed enemies, and distinct challenges in each playthrough, ensuring an ever-changing experience.

Introducing the AI Director - an extraordinary dynamic force intricately shaping your journey by generating the procedural world, strategically placing obstacles, unleashing the infected, and seamlessly adjusting to your every move.

Step into an unparalleled realm of realism with our cutting-edge virtual muscles and procedural animation system. Witness the infected meet their brutal demise in a visceral and blood-soaked spectacle.

Dead End is designed for co-op play, emphasizing teamwork, resource sharing, and covering each other's backs. Join forces with friends and take on the apocalypse in this intense and violent adventure.

In the Procedural Campaign mode, players embark on procedurally generated campaigns, where every playthrough is a unique experience. Scavenge for supplies and weapons as you battle through hordes of the undead, facing new challenges and surprises with each playthrough. Each campaign offers different routes, enemy placements, and loot, players must adapt to their surroundings to survive. Reach the end goal of finding the last train out to escape, exploring the diverse, apocalyptic world along the way.

In Survival Mode, players must face never-ending hordes of infected and rely on scavenged resources to fend them off. The objective is to survive for as long as possible in a harrowing battle against the relentless undead. With each passing moment, the challenge intensifies as the infected grow more numerous. How long will you last against the unyielding onslaught?
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made in fairyland
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Dead End is updated at 2023-05-16.

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The provider of Dead End is made in fairyland.

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