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Banner of Dimension Painter-Lite 2.016
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Dimension Painter-Lite

Dimension Painter-Lite

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Initial release Apr 10, 2016
Save the critical gnome's planet with 'Mongdang' by using mysterious pencil that can draw Dimension.
Dimension painter is an adventure puzzle game, experienced fresh, everyone can enjoy.

I know that, you were waiting for a game like this.

Beautiful block world, music, and graphic.
129 extensive stages(continuously adding).
Amazing scenario and fresh method to progress.
Combination between placid puzzle and pressing adventure.
Console game feeling based on simple touch, various level of difficulty.
Many walkthrough puzzle, not only one method.
New contents to be updated(Map editor, Ranking map, Character and Map skins...)
Small indie game's big challenge.

In the far away distant galaxy, there lived gnomes who used
dimensional pencils under the protection of magical barrier.
one day
Magical barrier was broken and monsters invaded the gnomes.
The gnomes’ village was engulfed in chaos...
Elders of the gnomes successfully opened a giant dimensional door to blast the monsters away through the other dimension.
However, the dimensional door got too big for the gnomes to handle.
The only way for the gnome to close the dimensional door was to use the giant eraser sealed away in the Floating island
One of the younger gnomes, Mongdang, went on a journey to find the eraser

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Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M300W
Galaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957
Galaxy Tab E
Sony Tablet P– nbx02
Tablet S– nbx03
Thrive 7– tostab04
Grand X– P175A20

Walkthrough video : https://goo.gl/5Pq1iX
Any question? : [email protected]
Official facebook : http://facebook.com/dimensionpainter

What’s new

- 16.12.15● Bug fixed

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What is the latest version of Dimension Painter-Lite? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of Dimension Painter-Lite is 2.016, updated at 2018-02-16.

what's new in the latest version of Dimension Painter-Lite?icon

- 16.12.15● Bug fixed

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Dimension Painter-Lite is izzle.

Can I play Dimension Painter-Lite on Android/iOS?icon

Now Dimension Painter-Lite is available on Android.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

Dimension Painter-Lite supports 1 languages including English etc.

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