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Dread Templar

Dread Templar

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About the Game

Become the scariest thing in hell and beyond, as you embark on your quest for vengeance in the intense, fast-paced campaign of Dread Templar, made by a solo developer over the course of 3 years. The game is reminiscent of classics from the 90s, but with a modern twist and gameplay depth on par with contemporary shooters.

Experiment with endless combinations of more than 100 different upgrades for a vast arsenal of badass weapons and powers to define your own playstyle. Scour every inch of the game’s 25+ enormous levels rife with hidden side areas, secret locations and puzzles to get all the possible unlocks.

Blast your way through hordes of diverse demonic and fiendish enemies and prevail in up to ten thrilling boss fights. Explore the many distinct, unique campaign environments: from the dark realm of hell to frozen pirate ships, all rendered in retro, but surprisingly detailed pixel-art graphics style, supercharged by a head-banging original soundtrack.

Use FPS staples such as dashing and bullet time to conquer the brutal, fast-paced gameplay.
Select a unique combination from 100+ skills and upgrade unlocks to create your own playstyle.
Turn a varied roster of 20+ enemy types and 9 different bosses into a bloody mist with more than 10 weapons - from katana swords to firearms and infernal weapons!
Explore 25+ vast levels and search them for 19 side areas, more than 170 secrets and solve over 20 challenging puzzles to receive epic rewards.
Enjoy the handmade retro art style - all elements of the game including weapons, enemies, and environments are created in a retro pixelated art style reminiscent of the 90s shooters. You can even select from 5 different filters to give the game a completely new look!
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T19 Games
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When was this game updated?icon

Dread Templar is updated at 2024-01-24.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Dread Templar is T19 Games.

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