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Initial release Oct 11, 2020
Experience authentic soccer on FC Mobile now!

Founders Club24 class, a class commemorating the start of FC Mobile, is now available! Let's create a dream squad using players with the latest transfer status!

Choose your favorite club from among the teams actually participating in the UCL and lead your team to victory!
In addition, UCL24 players have a Live OVR system, and their ability values ​​change depending on the actual match results!

Additionally, new skill moves and operations have been added in a major update.

With the addition of "knock-on dribble", which utilizes space and dribbles for a long time, and "hard stop", which suddenly stops mid-dribble and evades the opponent's defense, an experience even closer to real football than before is now possible!
New operations include "Power Shot", which allows the goalie to shoot a powerful shot that is difficult to block, and "Hard Tackle", an individual skill that makes it easier to block shots and crosses! Enjoy more strategic and immersive matches!

FC Mobile is constantly making gameplay adjustments to help fans enjoy the game more comfortably.

FC Mobile was created with a focus on not only the fun of creating and growing your own team, but also the best soccer experience with high operability and graphics.

Create your own original team using real clubs and players, and play not only 11v11 online matches, but also VS Attack, which only advances attacks, and manage your team and use tactics and strategies to play real league matches. Enjoy a variety of content, including a simulation league where you can experience promotion and relegation, and a manager mode where you aim to advance to the league by making full use of tactics and instructions!

■FC Mobile has a wide range of licenses
FC Mobile is officially licensed and consists of over 30 leagues, over 700 clubs, and over 19,000 soccer players around the world!
There are regular live service events where you can meet real new clubs and players!

■UEFA Champions League exclusive license
FC Mobile owns the exclusive license for the world's most prestigious competition, the UEFA Champions League!
You can also enjoy live events that reflect real-life tournaments!

■Optimized operation feel for mobile
FC Mobile supports both gesture mode and button mode besides automatic/manual operation.
Choose the control method that suits you and play freely!

■No season reset
There is no season reset in FC Mobile, so you can use the players you have acquired forever!
Have fun playing with your ideal team!

■Various play modes to suit your tastes
In addition to the full 11-on-11 game, there is also a VS attack mode where you compete for the most goals within a time limit, a simulation league where you can experience promotion and relegation like a real league game by making full use of tactics and strategies to manage your team, and dribbling. Equipped with a variety of game modes, including mini-games such as , passing, and shooting! You can enjoy your favorite soccer according to your taste!

■Real transfer market, player exchange system
You can use the transfer market to freely buy and sell your favorite players, or exchange the players you own with players your team needs!

■Various systems to acquire players and items
In FC Mobile, there are various contents that items and players can acquire.
Use various contents to grow your team and players!
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NEXON Co., Ltd.
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What is the latest version of EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE? When was this game updated?icon

The latest version of EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE is 9.1.02, updated at 2024-04-18.

what's new in the latest version of EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE?icon

[게임플레이 개선 업데이트]
- 일반 땅볼 패스/ 일반 땅볼 스루 패스의 정확도 및 속도 개선
- 일반 / 질주 드리블 체감 개선
- 전반적인 크로스 밸런스 조정 및 공중 경합 상황 개선
- 플레이 상황에서 발생하던 일부 오류 수정

[신규 콘텐츠 및 그 외 업데이트]
- 클랜 매치, 클랜 관전 모드 업데이트
- 3D 카드 업데이트
- 이터널 아이콘 추가 업데이트
- 편의성 개선 및 그 외 업데이트
- 일부 오류 수정

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE is NEXON.

Can I play EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE on Android/iOS?icon

Now EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE is available on iOS.

What languages are supported by the game?icon

EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE supports 1 languages including Japanese etc.

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