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Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon

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Steam95% acclaimed classic barrage shooting Roguelike mobile game open pre-registration!
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Introducing the renowned dungeon shooting game we all love - Enter the Gungeon Mobile! This classic pop-up shooter Roguelike from Steam boasts an impressive 95% positive feedback rate. Now, officially licensed by Dodge Roll & Devolver, the gripping journey of dungeon exploration against all odds is about to begin anew on mobile!

Set on a mysterious, distant planet, the Gun Cell is a perilous realm where myriad gun monsters and bombs lurk in the depths, guarding the legendary Guns capable of altering fate itself. Armed with courage and determination, adventurers bearing the weight of their pasts must brave the labyrinthine chambers, dodging torrents of bullets, in pursuit of the ultimate treasure that could reshape destiny.

Game Features:
▶ Original Gunslinger's Hell:
Navigate through randomly generated chambers teeming with deadly adversaries and intricate traps. Select your hero from diverse backgrounds and unearth the remnants of the Guns amidst the chaos.

▶ Pieces of Pistol Treasure:
From snake lasers to pea shooters, rainbows, and even bees - each firearm unleashes unique and mysterious projectiles. Combine various drops to unlock synergistic effects and uncover boundless treasures hidden within the dungeon's depths.

▶ Guns Firing Bullets? Bullets Becoming Guns?
In this world, guns and bullets reign supreme! From bullet shell currency to bullet monsters and trigger brothers, every aspect of the dungeon is imbued with the essence of firepower.

▶ Optimized for Mobile Gameplay:
Navigate dense bullet barrages with ease using the "invincible" roll feature. Switch between various rolling modes, opt for manual or automatic aiming and shooting, and customize your button layout for the ultimate handheld gaming experience.

▶ Two-Player Co-op, Online Adventures:
Embark on thrilling online two-player adventures tailored for mobile. Create or join rooms in the online lobby, invite friends, and select your characters to fight side by side in epic battles!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate dungeon-crawling experience, meticulously crafted for mobile devices. Enter the Gungeon Mobile invites you to dive into a world of danger, discovery, and cooperation. Are you ready to face the challenge?
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When was this game updated?icon

Enter the Gungeon is updated at 2024-04-11.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Enter the Gungeon is News aggregation.

Can I play Enter the Gungeon on Android/iOS?icon

No. But you can pre-register Enter the Gungeon on TapTap.

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