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Evil Wizard

Evil Wizard

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Evil Wizard is a humor-filled action RPG featuring metroidvania elements and carefully crafted pixel-art environments. As a defeated villain who barely survived a tough fight, you’ll have to face an army of so-called heroes to recover what’s rightfully yours. Rediscover your powers, infiltrate your own castle, unleash devastating spells, and purge your ancestral home of these miserable excuses for an enemy. Are you ready to get your hands dirty? It’s time to be the bad guy for a change!A quest fueled by revengeFace off against hordes of enemies, avoid deadly traps, and solve challenging puzzles as you reclaim the halls of your castle from the heroes that now live within it!

Metroidvania-inspired DesignExplore carefully-crafted locations and navigate intricate levels. Use your skills and elements to interact with the in-game world and unlock new paths.

High-Paced Skill-based CombatDeal devastating melee blows, unlock earth-shattering spells and dash around the map to crush your foes. You’ll be in full control of every battle!

Elements and forces To MasterControl the power of fire, ice, void, lightning, and earth. Mix various elements to unleash devastating attacks and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses!

Unique Enemies and Boss FightsFine-tune your character to defeat increasingly more challenging enemies. Upgrade your equipment as you get ready to vanquish an array of bosses, each with their own skills and combat style!

“There are songs that still tell the tale of the heroes’ most daring deeds. After a long battle against the Evil Wizard, the castle he called home was sieged and swarmed and the wretchful minions that served him for generations were slain by the dozens. While the corrupt villain himself managed to escape, the day marked an amazing victory for the forces of good…”

Or did it, really?!

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Rubber Duck Games
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When was this game updated?icon

Evil Wizard is updated at 2023-11-22.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of Evil Wizard is Rubber Duck Games.

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No. But you can pre-register Evil Wizard on TapTap.

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